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Death penalty Plan B needed

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"I wondered if there were a Plan B, some other dose of drugs, something to speed up the death. Or someone to stop it" -- Arizona Republic reporter Michael Kiefer, who witnessed yesterday's two-hour execution.

You wonder what else can go wrong. What other ways will states find to make a mess of killing someone? When will North Carolina get back in the game and take its own shot at execution notoriety with Ohio, Oklahoma and now Arizona?

I know that some people will say these killers get what they deserve. Save your sympathy for their victims.

OK, but what about the people who have to sit there and watch this debacle of death? The official witnesses, reporters, the priest, the prison workers ... Watching a man die for two hours.

You could see a movie in that time, or a soccer game. A Kenyan could nearly run a 26-mile marathon.

If I were watching it, you bet I would wonder about a Plan B.

And about a Plan B for the death penalty in general? I sure wouldn't want to see something like that again.

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