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Pravda's view: The CIA killed Nemtsov
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Pravda's view: The CIA killed Nemtsov

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Pravda, which expresses Kremlin views, says the murder of Vladimir Putin critic Boris Nemtsov "has all the earmarks of a US-staged false flag."

The Russian newspaper's English-language edition points its finger at "serial-killer/unindicted war criminal Obama."

Nemtsov was gunned down on a bridge in the center of Moscow Friday night. The killing appeared to be a professional assassination.

Some suggest Putin was behind the hit. Nonsense, says Pravda.

"If Putin wanted Nemtsov dead, it's inconceivable he'd order a Mafia-style contract killing. An 'unfortunate' plane or car crash would have been more likely."

Got it. "If" Putin wanted Nemtsov dead, he would order his murder -- but by different means.

Yeah. I suppose if Nemtsov died in a suspicious car crash, Pravda would say Putin would never go to so much trouble. He'd simply have him shot in the street!

"Perhaps cleverly poisoning him the way Obama murdered Chavez and Sharon killed Arafat."

So, that's how Hugo Chavez died! Venezuela said he had cancer, but that Obama fooled everyone except the Russians.

"Gunning him down in central Moscow automatically rules out Kremlin involvement."

Sure it does, just because ... I give up. Why does it rule out the Kremlin?

Oh, here's why:

"His demise has all the earmarks of a CIA-staged false flag."

Because it would be much easier for the CIA to rub out somebody within sight of the Kremlin than for anyone in the Kremlin to do so.

This "false flag" notion means the U.S. would kill a Putin enemy to make it look like Putin did it (except it should have staged a plane or car crash or maybe poisoned him, which is what Putin more likely would have done, according to Pravda).

"Expect no evidence whatever surfacing suggesting Putin's involvement."

Considering that Putin's government is directing the investigation, I have to admit Pravda is right about that.

Where's Arkady Renko when you need him?

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