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My co-worker has a wet nose

My co-worker has a wet nose

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As co-workers go, Nightwing, a needy dog already, is more affectionate than most.

Working at home has its perks. I’m in control of the thermostat. The refrigerator and the pantry are mere steps away (there’s a downside to that, but that’s for another time).

I don’t have to get in my car and wonder how so many people who obviously have no idea how to drive actually got licenses.

Those all fall squarely into the Pro column. But there are some things about working at home that are, well, not awesome.

It pains me to say it, but Nightwing is one of those not-so-awesome things.

I know. It surprised me, too.

Nightwing, in normal times, is one of the best dogs ever. He is easily our best dog ever. But his quirks that we see only sparingly during normal times have become overbearing during these stay-at-home-and-don’t-touch-anyone times.

Nightwing is a needy dog. He needs ... everything. He needs attention. He needs to go outside. He needs to eat whatever you’re eating.

In small doses, these things can be cute, charming and only mildly annoying. Experiencing them full-time is a whole new ballgame.

My at-home work station is the kitchen table. Kitchen, by definition, is where food is. In Nightwing’s mind, if we’re in the kitchen, then food is soon to follow. And because I’m home pretty much all the time now, dog logic suggests eating will also be pretty much all the time.

No surprise: it’s not.

And that, I think, confuses Nightwing.

The puppy dog eyes that work so well when used sporadically become downright creepy when coming at you non-stop.

Eye-begging is just one half of the Nightwing double feature.

The other half is “I’m going to lean against you until you scratch my butt, try to climb in your lap and/or put my cold, wet nose on any exposed flesh, causing you to flinch so hard that you spill that bowl of grapes you’ve been keeping from me.”

Before we go any further, know that I truly enjoy Nightwing’s physical affections — in small doses ... that I control.

When I’m in the middle of something complicated that requires above-average concentration, a wet nose up against my leg is a major distraction.

When he tries to climb into my lap while I’m working, that is a sure-fire work stopper.

I will admit, I’ve had co-workers in the past who were real dogs.

But none of them licked my face.

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