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The Pet Shop: Pepper on the lam

The Pet Shop: Pepper on the lam

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Pepper back at home

Pepper and his bunny companion are pictured here safe and secure in a fenced environment.

For about two weeks I greeted my husband, Chris, with the same query each night when he came home from work.

“So, did you see the bunny rabbit today?” I would ask.

Some days he would say yes and other days he would say no.

A black bunny, possibly the Havana breed, had recently appeared in the grassy side yard of his workplace in south Asheboro.

From time to time, he would see the neighborhood children try to snatch it.

Chris and his coworkers attempted to catch it as well.

I even sent Chris to work one day with a bag of expired butter lettuce, but no luck.

It was a nice daily distraction from the everyday routine of software development and problem solving.

And then a coworker, an experienced outdoorsman, came back from his vacation and was asked to bring his animal trap to work. My husband used this trap a while back to catch a groundhog hiding near our pool shed. Instead he caught a possum, twice.

A different coworker brought in some baby carrots to lure the creature into the cage.

And it wasn’t long before the bunny was trapped.

Chris’ coworkers took the bunny to the children’s home.

“Pepper!” they cried in excitement and relief.

A few days later my husband and I visited his workplace to drop off some sodas that he could enjoy during the workday.

We walked behind the office and said hello to Pepper and his two less adventurous rabbit companions in their fenced environment. There were some chickens and a rooster puttering around as well.

Pepper looked content with his memories of freedom and soft grass, though maybe a wee bit bitter as well.


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