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To the editor:

When the Greensboro City Council decided 5-4 not to include specific language to protect homosexuals against discrimination in hiring, our local government accomplished something important.While not all choices by our elected officials carry the obvious moral implications of sexual preference and practice, in a very real sense the City Council did what government must do: Make moral judgments.

Ethical determinations are almost always condemned as discriminatory to someone, rather than seen as a prohibition or discouragement of a particular act which should not be accepted as proper and good.

With the exception of God, nothing legitimizes quite like the moral force of law. We are all entitled to certain civil liberties regardless of our color, wealth, sex or in this case, sexual preference. While we can demand due process for all people, we cannot accept as lawful every human desire.

Human beings have rights under the law. We do not have a right to always legally do what we want. After all, the real test of freedom is whether individuals or groups are willing to accept results not to their liking which were achieved by others using their freedom.

In this case, I recognize the right of the gay community to petition the government to change policy. I also thank the five members of the council who said yes to the right of petition, but no to homosexual acts as a constitutionally-protected human right. Roger Wiles Jamestown

I think the people of Greensboro should applaud recent action by the City Council to reverse and cast out an earlier, misguided Oct. 2, 1989, vote to give homosexuals and lesbians special, protected status in the city's hiring and retention practices.

Community leaders are visibly beginning to regain the higher ground on this issue, making it abundantly clear that they will not be cowed by a mere handful of gay rights propagandists and their apologists in the media who have tried to thwart any open-book scrutiny of the moral bankruptcy and cankered ugliness of the homosexual underworld.

The taxpayers and residents of Greensboro have a right to expect high moral and ethical integrity in public service and that those chosen for employment by the city as public servants will project positive role models to others.

I, for one, am proud of what municipal government has been able to accomplish in this city and deeply resent local gay propagandists mistakenly portraying Greensboro city government as a Boogeyman conducting a deliberate witch hunt for homosexuals. It simply isn't true and represents the denigrating type of propagandist lies worthy of Joseph Goebbels. Jim Irace Greensboro

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