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Ariel Sharon, the prime minister of Israel, was quoted recently as stating, in an ``acrimonious argument' with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, ``Every time we do something, you (Peres) tell me Americans will do this and do that. I want to tell you something very clear; don't worry about American pressure on Israel; we, the Jewish people, control America ....'

What an outrage. What arrogance that Sharon can feel so confident about the submission of the United States to Israel's whims that he can puissantly state, ``We control America.' And we thought, through Congress, we, the American people, controlled America. I guess we'll start submitting our legislation to Sharon and the Knessett for approval. I thought I read recently that Sharon was being charged with genocide and crimes against humanity.We have known for some time that American Israel Public Affairs Committee controls Congress on Middle East policy, and I guess this confirms it.

How unforgivable that our representatives and senators in Washington knowingly give so much power to the state of Israel. No wonder Israel has received billions of American taxpayers dollars since 1967. All Sharon has to say is, ``Give me another hundred billion, taxpayers' and his obsequious submissives in Washington will bow down and comply.

I think I will write my congressman and senators and ask them if they represent me or Ariel Sharon. Will you do the same?\ R.A. Strickland\ Greensboro


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