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I recognize the need to illustrate support and respect for the young people who are participating in the Mid-East crisis. If they are there because they believe in the cause, I respect their right to follow their conscience. However, I would also like to express support and respect for those who are following their conscience by not getting involved.

In response to Jerome Kerbal's statement (Sept. 2) that we need a draft to deal with equity on the battlefield, I say that the poor do not want a draft either. Many young people, rich and poor, believe that more troops only mean greater escalation and more lives lost unnecessarily on all sides. Particularly since Vietnam, young people and parents are more resistant to the flowery speeches, background music, and old war movies used to delude young people into buying into the idea that military participation promotes peace. They are looking to leaders to come up with more non-violent solutions and to exercise good relations with other countries.If you think some just want to save their own hide - you are right. No intelligent persons want to put themselves at risk if they are not supportive of a cause. For the little equity a draft might produce, it also multiplies the numbers of people sent. It also gives the government free license to use our young people for its own purposes and robs the individual of the right to self protection. L. Metzger Greensboro

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