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Americans must not forget Afghanistan

I would like to thank you on behalf of our service members and their families for recently drawing attention to the war in Afghanistan (Ideas, Feb. 27). Many of our brave men and women in uniform have not returned home and many have returned home wounded, either physically, mentally or both. After 10 years, the majority of America seems to have forgotten that members of our military are still putting their lives on the line in the name of freedom.

Congressman Jim McGovern and I wrote the article as an effort to awaken the American people and to call on our colleagues in Congress to speak out on the war in Afghanistan. We urge the public to get engaged, to get informed and to contact their senators and representatives to have their voices heard.

The attention your paper has given to this issue is exactly what it is going to take to bring our troops home. I am truly grateful that your publication is highlighting such an important issue that so many seem to have forgotten.

It is time for Americans to take a serious look at what this war is costing the sons and daughters of this nation.

May God continue to bless America.

Walter B. Jones

Washington, D.C.

The writer is a Republican U.S. representative from North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.

Perdue prevents Republican tyranny

When we voted in the 2008 election, my only question was whether to vote for Bev Perdue or Pat McCrory. I felt that both would do a good job. I decided to vote for Perdue, all things being pretty much equal.

That was a very important vote. We can be thankful that Perdue is governor. If she wasn’t, we would be facing the same kind of tyranny that is in Wisconsin.

We do not need this type of situation here. I know that Bev isn’t perfect, but I am hopeful that she will exercise her veto power when needed to prevent the reckless and self-serving change that the Republicans seek.

Bruce Ward


Cartoon overlooks Wall Street’s benefits

Your liberal bias always radiates but rarely so distastefully as by printing March 13’s editorial “cartoon” showing two prisons: one “Gitmo” and one “Wall St. Crooks.” The fences had signs: Gitmo’s was “Now Open!”; Wall Street crooks’ was “Now Closed.”

A Gitmo inmate said, “I think Obama mixed up the signs...”

Wall Street businessmen have committed crimes in recent years, but contrary to what the cartoon infers, various Wall Street “crooks” are imprisoned.

The cartoon overlooked Wall Street’s benefits: honest executives with the courage to start and to operate businesses, creating wealth and jobs for millions of people.

Productivity on Wall Street benefits mankind.

In good faith, how can Wall Street be compared to terrorists, free or at Guantanamo, whose productivity is murdering innocent civilians by decapitation or detonating bombs? How can business executives be compared to combatants killing American troops?

Your conscience should rumble upon revisiting your decision to print this execrable cartoon with its ludicrous message, representing America-hating attitudes of The New York Times or The Washington Post.

Leave such cartoons for those publications. Do not degrade your paper by their publication.

Charles A. Jones

Norfolk, Va.

The writer is a Greensboro native.

Why ban smoking but allow drinking?

I am a nonsmoker, but I’m still mad at all the companies against cigarettes and smoking.

You can’t smoke in bars, cafes and even in the street in some places.

But what about alcohol? Alcohol keeps people from working or doing anything constructive. It kills as many people as cigarettes, plus it causes liver disease.

They are telling people, “Don’t buy a pack of cigarettes; buy a six-pack of beer or a pint of wine. Cigarettes kill.”

Edgar L. Sandifer Jr.


It still smelled better than a wet, dead dog

After reading “Swine dining” (Savor, March 16), I remembered the late 1960s when we moved from North Carolina to New York. My dad wanted some barbecue and ordered it from his friend from eastern North Carolina. It was mailed in a plain package, without dry ice.

When it arrived, Dad called the vendor and asked how to tell if it was edible. He asked Dad if he remembered what a wet, dead dog on the side of the road smelled like, which Dad did. The friend told Dad that if it did not smell as such, it was fine to eat. It didn’t and we enjoyed some Old South that evening on Long Island.

Liza Hopper


Conservatives’ Bible

Hallelujah! I was browsing the March 18 N&R and came upon an article about the New International Version of the Bible. It struck me that one of the passages quoted could be the new slogan of righteous conservative activists. At last, straight from the Bible is an explanation about why Wall Street got bail-outs and why Social Security got looted.

Check out Mark 4:25: “Those who have will be given more; as for those who do not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Vicki Wallace



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