Krispy Kreme is introducing new Doughnut Bites and Mini Crullers — bite-size doughnuts — at Walmart locations nationwide, as well as online at

These doughnuts are “individually packaged for snackable, portable, on-the-go enjoyment,” the company said in a statement. Both the Doughnut Bites and Mini Crullers are available in a variety of flavors.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Bites are doughnut holes offered in original glazed, chocolate and apple cinnamon. They are sold in five sleeves of four Doughnut Bites per box, or 20 doughnuts total, for $3.97.

Krispy Kreme Mini Crullers are an “enhanced recipe” of Krispy Kreme’s mini cruller doughnuts offered in original glazed and blueberry. They are sold in four sleeves of two Mini Crullers, or eight crullers total, for $3.97; or a 12-ounce box for $3.88.

Krispy Kreme will also offer seasonal flavors at Walmart, starting with new Strawberry Doughnut Bites and Lemon Crullers, available for a limited time this summer.

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