Winners of the Mary Kearns Excellence in Science Teaching Award, sponsored by the Guilford County School System, were recently announced.

They were: Virginia Henry, Ragsdale High School; John Lawrence, Jr., Southern High School; Brenda Drewry, Jamestown Elementary School; and Dana Garnett, Sedalia Elementary School.Dina Cochran of Northeast Middle School and Brenda Shackleford of Guilford Middle School received the Rookie Award.

Denese Smith of Eastern High School, Earl Crotts of Southwest High School, Sue Jones of Southeast Middle School and Marilyn Davis of Laughlin Elementary School received awards for Outstanding Principal for Leadership in Science Education.

CIBA GEIGY, represented by vice president Barry Whitcomb, received the Business and Industry Award for its partnerships in science with the schools.

The Mary Kearns Awards program was started to recognize outstanding elementary, middle and high school science teachers. The award is in honor of Mary Kearns, Guilford County Schools retired science curriculum coordinator. Each year, schools select a nominee.

The nominee must submit a written nomination packet detailing his or her science teaching philosophy and various successful science lessons.

Each nominee is then interviewed and a selection is made. The program has become so successful that rookie science teachers and principals dedicated to science teaching are now honored.

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