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glet - Fred Pearlman - thursday, 7/22

glet - Fred Pearlman - thursday, 7/22

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Show me the money

As Rod Tidwell would say, “Show me the money!” With some progressive “policies” from our new leaders, I should have some funds coming my way.

First, it seems my college loans will be forgiven. Back in 1981 and 1982, I borrowed $5,000 from College Foundation Inc., to help pay for my final two years of college. I paid the $5,000 back, so I should be getting the $5,000 returned to me.

Then we heard about employees getting $1,000 from the government for working. I worked at the same place for 37 years, although I admit, I am not sure if that means I'll be getting $1,000 or $37,000.

Finally there is the case of reparations. With the idea of paying Black people, even if neither they nor any of their ancestors were slaves, I figured anyone who is Jewish would also be receiving reparations. As inhumane and disgraceful as slavery was, the Holocaust was, on many levels, just as bad. No, I was not personally affected by the Holocaust, but that does not seem to matter in the case of reparations for slavery. I look forward to receiving this money.

Fred Pearlman



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