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Marriage licenses

GREENSBOROB.J. Grant Jr., 46, and Cherrie Lynn Rodriguez, 47, both of Julian

Brian Edward Griffin, 33, and Marlene Vaye Watterson, 51, both of Greensboro

David Allen Mikita, 34, and Jennifer Leigh Weaver, 28, both of Atlanta, Ga.

Edward Luis Littleton, 39, and Jilayne Denise Watson, 31, both of Oak Ridge

Floyd Randolph Cheek, 40, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Cassonya Renee Donnell, 40, of Greensboro

Kurt Clarence Blust, 41, and Tina Michelle Riggs, 32, both of Greensboro

Marion Joseph Bessard Jr., 48, and Karla MacElroy, 41, both of Greensboro

Mohamed Amr Abdel-Halim, 25, of Greensboro, and Elizabeth Gray Cunningham, 18, of North Wilkesboro

Robert Edward Marshall, 23, of Greensboro, and Laura Elizabeth Gibson, 23, of Gastonia

Robert Scott Weaver, 24, of North Bethesda, Md., and Ashley Cotten Moring, 24, of Arlington, Va.

Ronnie Lee Graves, 52, and Demetrice Wynette Miller, 33, both of Greensboro

Thomas Lee Waggy, 22, and Danielle Marie Eiklor, 21, both of Browns Summit

Thurman Wayne Tuttle, 27, of Julian, and Sherry Leigh Wilson, 27, of Greensboro

Timothy Lawrence Watson, 22, and Nataki Kafi Smith, 23, both of Greensboro

Troy Whitfield Harris III, 34, and Amy Victoria Stickle, 31, both of High Point

Alvin Jerome Garner Jr., 25, and Hben Eban, 22, both of Greensboro

David Andre Barrow, 24, and Gina Nicole Parrish, 24, both of High Point

David Jeffrey Baysinger, 28, and Brandy Lea Sears, 27, both of Greensboro

David Ray Duncan, 39, of Oak Ridge, and Angela Renee Szychowicz, 30, of Pleasant Garden

Harvey Michael Inscoe Jr., 28, of Thomas-ville, and Lorrie Ann Moore, 33, of Greens-boro

Kenneth Mark McLamb, 47, and Sylvia Jan Galliger, 48, both of Jamestown

Kevin Eugene Williamson, 39, and Erin Rae Totleben, 29, both of Jamestown

Kevin Mark Brown, 41, of Greensboro, and Janice Yvonne Sebastian, 40, of Summerfield

Michael Keigh Gaydon, 45, and Michelle Marie Kowalski, 27, both of Greensboro

Nicholas Michael Perdue, 23, and Jaime Lyn Johnson, 23, both of Colfax

Pierluigi Scotto-Dicarlo, 21, and Kelly Louise Glover, 24, both of Lawrenceville, Ga.

Richard Giles Weant, 33, and Rebecca Angela Henderson, 25, both of Greensboro

Richard Walter Volinski, 35, and Elizabeth Anne Wall, 31, both of Greensboro

Robert James Milan, 54, of Greensboro, and Kathleen Ellen McGarry, 50, of Gainesville, Fla.

Robert Merrill White, 24, and Melinda Parker Wood, 25, both of Arlington, Va.

Thomas Hobart Shifflet, 33, and Alice Rena Faron, 32, both of Greensboro

Asa Abdoula Owens, 22, and Meghna-ben Kiritkumar Patel, 18, both of Greensboro

Christopher David Holland, 27, and April Faith Burns, 24, both of Greensboro

Genaro Chavez Resendiz, 27, and Griselda Castaneda Chavez, 23, both of Greensboro

Jeffrey Scott Shumate, 33, and Tamara Elizabeth Swift, 35, both of Greensboro

Jose Luis Hernandez-Garcia, 25, and Carmen Julia Aguirre-Ayala, 22, both of Greensboro

Joseph Westley Etue, 47, and Carol Lynn Mangrum, 51, both of Kernersville

Percy Allen Oakley, 36, and Pamela Chan McNeill, 30, both of Elon

Richard Lee Palmer, 23, and Heather Dawn Humble, 19, both of Greensboro

Samuel Henry Beasley, 43, of Greensboro, and Laura Beth Hannon, 44, of Tampa, Fla.

Timothy Louis Roche Jr., 24, of Charleston, and Catherie Pace Poag, 24, of Greensboro

William Hoge Ronemus Jr., 30, and Emily Kathryn Baucom, 22, both of Greensboro

Willie Armster Best, 49, and Sharon Leigh Durham, 38, both of Stoney Creek

Anthony Randolph Faucette, 27, of Aberdeen, Md., and Nicole Ajita McLean, 22, of Greensboro

Bradley Aaron Thomas, 25, and Jessica Lynne Perdue, 20, both of Greensboro

Hector Andres Rojas-Lopez, 27, and Greysy Maybel Luna-Sarmiento, 19, both of Greensboro

Jeffrey Wayne Hatcher, 33, and Rachel Sarah Fried, 27, both of Greensboro

Joel Patrick Woodard, 24, of Climax, and Catherine Maie Virden, 22, of Greensboro

John Henry Walker, 56, of Kernersville, and Pamela Lynn Nelson, 42, of Jamestown

Matthew Reilly Plain, 28, and Stephanie Ann Hendricks, 25, both of Riverside, R.I.

Sean Alexander Wells, 30, of Winston-Salem, and Deborah Michelle Bridges, 28, of Greensboro

William Jeffrey Hill, 37, and Eleanor Elise Farlow, 39, both of Sophia

Anthony Leonard Perez, 26, and Mary Elizabeth Herlocker, 23, both of Jamestown

Bruce Edward Cotie Jr., 27, of Whitsett, and Tina Michelle Hinshaw, 25, of Pleasant Garden

Christopher Lamont Huntley, 25, and Laura Teresa Miller, 26, both of Greensboro

Donald Erik Vinson, 33, and Kimberly Joy Bergen, 33, both of Greensboro

Frank Kelly Banks, 38, and Khadra Dhahir Robler, 33, both of Greensboro

Larry Swain Mull, 38, and Kerri Louise Floyd, 35, both of Winston-Salem

Mark Randolph Joslin, 41, of High Point, and Karen Sue Renner, 39, of Summerfield

Michael Wayne Patterson, 49, and Melinda Faye Harry, 45, both of Greensboro

Michael Zeff Marshall II, 30, and Pamela Jean May, 37, both of Greensboro

Stephen Edward Calhoun, 36, of McLeansville, and Susan Elizabeth Collins, 38, of Greensboro

Tony Joe Fortin, 36, of Kernersville, and Elizabeth Lane Reitzel, 30, of Greensboro

Victor Girardeau Cummings, 34, and Nikia Leneise Ebron, 27, both of Kennesaw, Ga.

William Robert Davis, 50, and Renata Nascimento S. Moraes Barros, 28, both of Greensboro

Andrew Russell Meehan, 29, and Kimberly Marie O'Connor, 29, both of Jamestown

Anthony Psatha, 42, and Despina Agapion, 33, both of Astoria, N.Y.

Bryan Lee Shaw, 23, and Tori Allison Jones, 21, both of Greensboro

Christopher Joseph Brantley, 26, and Laura Anne Emery, 27, both of Greensboro

Christopher Lee Kohly, 24, and Kelly Marie Griffin, 24, both of Greensboro

Clinton Edward Montgomery, 32, and Denise Katherine Taylor, 31, both of Greensboro

Daniel Fred Larson II, 20, of Greensboro, and Jennifer Marie Hill, 20, of Liberty

James David Terrell, 39, of High Point, and Teresa Michelle Graves, 37, of Winston-Salem

James Robert Barton Jr., 33, and Amy Elizabeth Wright, 32, both of Charlotte

Jason Paul Gilbert, 21, and Mary Alese Kivett, 21, both of Greensboro

Keith Lavery Hodgson, 35, and Elizabeth Ann Garrett, 39, both of Greensboro

Kevin Michael Pegram, 28, and Jackie Lynn Akers, 34, both of Greensboro

Michael Lee Crews, 22, and Tanya Lynn Kirby, 19, both of Colfax

Rodney Ray King II, 24, of Westfield, and Courtney Anne Holloway, 22, of McLeans-ville

Shawn Collin Gunthrop, 27, and Lakecia Michelle Davis, 30, both of Greensboro

Stevenson Lemount Burch, 43, and Gretchen Lashawn Caine, 33, both of Greensboro

Thomas Edwin Gray, 44, and Kary Lyn Ewald, 32, both of Greensboro

William Daniels Yeagar, 26, of Chapel Hill, and Melanie Robin Weisthal, 24, of Greensboro


Christopher Alan Broglio, 27, of Bristol, Tenn., and Angela Dawn Elliott, 27, of Trinity

Clay Anthony Wilson, 33, and Lachiesha Shonette Johnson, 26, both of High Point

Henry Lee Williams Jr., 43, and Arlene Little, 47, both of High Point

Holland Zenas Wilbanks, 21, and Glenda Nicole Ammons, 22, both of High Point

Amadou Bako, 35, of Greensboro, and Shaun Marie Knisley, 33, of Lynchburg, Va.

Gregory Michael Proud, 26, and Holly Christine Hill, 24, both of Edgewater, Md.

Joe Brandon Hill, 20, and Philinda Jean Hinnant, 20, both of High Point

Lee Thomas Crews, 33, and Wendy Michelle Lauer, 31, both of High Point

Patrick Wayne Inman, 23, of Westfield, and Stephanie Nicole Daniels, 29, of Trinity

Petr Sima, 29, and Agata Pietrzak, 27, both of High Point

Sorin Siul Pichardo, 26, and Yudelka Altagracia Paulino, 36, both of Greensboro

Thomas Joseph Vogl, 29, of Winston-Salem, and Wendy Marie Schriever, 27, of High Point

Jimmy Oliver McCaskill Jr., 31, of Greensboro, and Michelle Leigh Shelley, 29, of High Point

Seydou Abdou, 30, of New York, N.Y., and Genise Evon Tuck, 23, of Greensboro

Brian Nelson Smith, 27, and Donna Margaret Bealer, 24, both of High Point

Darryl Allen Brown, 40, and Carolyn Patricia Terry, 35, both of High Point

David Bradley Barnhill, 26, and Tammy Marie Petrie, 27, both of High Point

David Van Huffines, 28, and Katheryn Rene Gammon, 25, both of High Point

Larry McKenney Pyrtle, 58, of High Point, and Patricia Ann White, 65, of Sophia

Brent Clark Ayers, 27, of Jamestown, and Leigh Allison McGraw, 27, of High Point

Charles Asamoah Tutu Bodom, 38, of Charlotte, and Michelle Denise Purvis, 31, of Greensboro

Christopher Wayne Bennett, 25, of Walnut Cove, and Ronda May Huggins, 30, of Archdale

Dennis Rosario-Vasquez, 28, and Joanna Helen Rutherford, 29, both of Woodbridge, Va.

Gerald Thomas Sharpe Jr., 25, and Mandy Nicole Berrier, 27, both of Winston-Salem

James Caviel Carter, 59, of Trinity, and Judy Ann Kearns, 53, of High Point

Jason Kyle Marshall, 25, of Kernersville, and Cleopatra Shamone Bethea, 25, of High Point

Jerry Dean Myers, 45, and Shelia Marie Workman, 39, both of High Point

Joseph Michael Albany, 37, of High Point, and Martha Diane Hendrix, 37, of Glen Mills, Pa.

Michael Lloyd Stanley, 36, and Angela Jean Russell, 36, both of Greensboro

Thomas James Jacoby, 56, of High Point, and Susan Diane Bundy, 40, of Siler City

Yamwaya Joyce Pascal Ouedraogo, 28, and Felicia Carnella Owens, 28, both of High Point

Divorces filed


Divorces filed in District Court, Greensboro division of Guilford County:

May 18, 2004

Annemarie Furfaro vs. Francis J. Furfaro

Daniel S. Fox vs. Marcie B. Fox

James W. Wilkes vs. Laura R. Wilkes

Justin Chapman vs. Christine S. Chapman

May 19, 2004

Juanita W. Morrow vs. King D. Morrow

Phyllis A. Lloyd vs. Adrian T. Lloyd

Steven J. Douglas vs. Wanda D. Douglas

Tony D. Lewis vs. Susan W. Lewis

May 20, 2004

Abdoulaziz Djibo vs. Sheree N. Whack

Alice J. Dube vs. Joseph A. Dube

Cassandra Orman vs. Shawn Orman

Demetria L. Khalil vs. Mohammad L. Khalil

Jeanine Moran vs. David P. Moran

Tahir M. Khan vs. Karen R. Khan

May 21, 2004

Carey N. Holder vs. Stephanie H. Holder

Kimberly W. Walker vs. Daryl H. Walker

Mesfin R. Telila vs. Hindiya A. Hamede

Shannon T. Johnson vs. James M. Johnson

Sherry L. Lester vs. James E. Lester

May 24, 2004

Nathalie Schwerdt vs. Patrick Ramsey

Reatha Prescott vs. Leroy Prescott

Shannon Grusenmeyer vs. Dan Grusenmeyer

May 25, 2004

Jamie M. Rice vs. Matthew B. Rice

Juanita Smith vs. David Smith

Ruth R. Dunn vs. Richard Lee Dunn

William C. Daniel vs. Lynn C. Daniel


Divorces filed in District Court, High Point division of Guilford County:

May 25, 2004

Angela Bowers vs. Bradford Bowers

Angela C. King vs. Henry Lee King

Bridgett Johnson vs. Shondell P. Johnson

Crystal T. Pullum vs. Michael G. Pullum

Delois L. Pinson vs. Darrell Pinson

Dwight Hunt vs. Christy Hunt

Elizabeth Jennings vs. Ward B. Owen

Howard L. Jarrell vs. Mary W. Brown

Jermaine L. Dawson vs. Faticia T. Dawson

Marsha N. Willoughby vs. Christopher Willoughby

Mary O. Morrison vs. Timothy D. Morrison

Pamela Kirkpatrick vs. Lonnie Kirkpatrick

Sharrika M. Jones vs. Kenneth L. Jones

Susan N. Bennett vs. George A. Bennett

Troy E. Marion vs. Bobbi M. Marion

Divorces granted


Divorces granted in District Court, Greensboro division of Guilford County:

June 7, 2004

Alex Cook from Debra S. Cook

Andrew X. Thompson from Kisha R. Thompson

Charles M. McLemore from Jessie W. McLemore

Charles S. Waynick from Shay H. Waynick

David Brown from Diane G. Newby

David L. Loftis from Rachel R. Loftis

Donna W. Buchanan from Thomas K. Buchanan

Eileen E. Leach from John T. Leach

Erich T. Craddock from Natalie P. Craddock

Gene R. Sumption from Brenda S. Sumption

Glenn J. Norwood from Rebecca H. Norwood

Jeffrey M. Saxton from Elizabeth P. Saxton

Jerry Beard from Lavernia A. Beard

Jess P. Ledbetter from Sharon L. Ledbetter

Jo E. Harris from Charles D. Harris

Joseph Michael Hobbs from Maria M. Hobbs

Keith M. Erikson from Heather M. Erikson

Linda Hunter Brown from Ed Brown

Linda M. Hill from Christopher T. Hill

Lisa A. Gauthier from Marc Gauthier

Maebell J. Stephens from Harold G. Stephens

Marjorie P. Wolfe from Mark S. Wolfe

Marva L. Logan from Albert C. Logan

Mary G. Greenwell from Anthony G. Greenwell

Melodie H. Jancerak from Robert F. Jancerak

Monica L. Cochran from Brandon L. Johnson

Paula Rashid Baker from Walter T. Baker

Randy Barrow from Amy Barrow

Robert J. Egan from Theresa D. Egan

Ronald L. Teague from Stacey P. Teague

Samantha L. Roberson from Kirby L. Roberson

Sharon Walker from Kevin Walker

Sheri Richmond from Ricky D. Richmond

Susan P. Heller from Barry Heller

Susan Skeel from Daniel Skeel

Teddy W. Jolly from Kathy M. Jolly

Theresa B. Vincent from Gary E. Vincent

Thomas A. Mebane from Peggy W. Mebane

William L. Summers from Teresa G. Summers


Divorces granted in District Court, High Point division of Guilford County:

May 17, 2004

Audrey P. Greene from John K. Greene

Barbara M. Weatherman from Billy D. Weatherman

Brenda A. Mitchell from Douglas E. Mitchell

Bruce E. Cotie Jr. from Lana D. Cotie

Dana A. Mishoe from Marcus D. Mishoe

Darrell L. Hicks from Candace M. Hicks

Dorothy C. Harper from Douglas L. Harper

Earlene D. Holland from Charles A. Holland

Jennifer A. Widener from Shawn K. Widener

Joyce B. Perdue from Terry M. Perdue

Kenneth D. Goodwin from Jennifer H. Goodwin

Khaled A. Aly from Sharon A. Aly

Lawrence E. Dorsett from Cheryl A. Johnson

Lola G. Joy from Reginald L. Joy

Ricardo Robbins from Margaret H. Robbins

Robert A. Bacote from October M. Bacote

Timothy L. Griffey from Angela R. Griffey

Valoria J. Boyd from Michael D. Boyd

Wanda L. Jackson from Ellis E. Jackson


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