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Property transfers

The amounts listed on the transactions below represent $2 per $1,000 based on the purchase price of the property.BRUCE TOWNSHIP

Kim E. and Pamela L. Sheppard to Randall B. Singleton, lot Clarke's Landing, $312

Dale R. and Carol A. Wilson to Stewart M. and Paula S. Copenhaver, lot Wilson Farm, $546

Charlotte C. Casey to Jodie L. Reese, lot Carndinal Cove/Clarke's Landing, $338

Stephen R. and Tabatha A. Taylor to Gavin G. and Teresa M. Shaw, lot Long, $440

John Kavanagh Co. to Zhengming Guo, lot Thornblade, $340

Kenneth Lawrence and Patricia B. Richardson to Robert F. and Sherrill B. Willis, lot Clarke's Landing, $346

David and Sherry Tolbert to South Star Builders, lot Pleasant Oaks, $394

Lamb and Peeples Builders to Victor Manuel and Yolanda Garcia Castro, lot Thomas Ridge, $422

Francis X. and Colleen P. Pirozzi to William M. and Peggy K. Collins, lot White Pines, $302


Sessoms Development to A.P. Lawler Homes, lot Covington, $112

A.P. Lawler Homes to Melvin Douglas Speight II and Monica F. Speight, lot Covington, $116

Oakwood Mobile Homes to Brian Richard and Tammy L. Pierce, lot Sunnybrook Acres, $66

New Fortis Corp. to Christopher and Alicia Revelle, lot Brightwood Farm, $392

David M. and Katherine A. Bennett to Mary Hatley Harper, lot Reata Estates, $590

Stonefield Homes to Thomas L. and Donna L. Phillips, lot Meadow Run, $600

Gilbert E. King to Lindsay R. and Lillian D. Howard, lot Lakeshore Village, $307

Burns, Day and Presnell, substitute trustee, to SouthTrust Bank, lot T.D. Alley, $1,166

R. and D. Homes to Stephen Ray and Tabatha A. Taylor, lot Hillsdale Forest, $730

Brian Keith and Debra D. Adams to Earl W. Fortier Jr., lot Strawberry Hills Horse Farm, $356

William D. Van Ormer and Amy B. Rudder to Robert M. and Sunday S. Dewar, lot Shawchester, $399

Jeffery A. and Tanya P. Ferguson to Michael D. and Jennifer R. Bingaman, lot Stable Ridge, $500


Rebecca Helms Beasley to Jackie W. Jones Jr. and Lesley B. Jones, lot Monette School Road, $135

New Fortis Corp. to Billy F. and Hieu L. Austin, lot Weatherstone Olde Forest, $583

Myra O. Smith to Jason T. Merritt, lot Burrow Road, $253

Richard H. and Linda Swanson Perry to Thomas N. and Tara O. Jones, lot Allen Acres, $300


New Fortis Corp. to Mark A. and Sondra L. Major, lot New Chartwell, $573

Trustee Services of Carolina to Mary A. Decker, lot Carson Creek, $431

Steven G. and Robin Waddell to Old Republic National Title Insurance, lot Greenbriar Estates, $372

Old Republic National Title Insurance to William D. and Ann B. Pittman, lot Greenbriar Estates, $372

Kenneth H. Hedgecock Jr. and Suzanne S. Hedgecock to Randall L. and Connie C. Smith, lot Laurel Acres, $350

Lunjin and Shuying Wang Mao to Brian S. and Lecia L. Beard, lot Friendship Farms, $346


James T. and Rebekah S. Kelley to Christian C. and Cynthia P. Rice, lot Russwood Acres, $420

Michael T. and Deborah C. Harris to Derek S. and Glenda J. Brown, lot Hunter's Ridge, $456

Sandra M. Tew to Cathy T. Morrison, lot Brandon Station, $244

Wayne R. and Antoinette D. McBride to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., lot Forest Oaks, $340

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Mickle D. Elliott and Vallie E. Chambers, lot Forest Oaks, $340


Tad Alan and Jennifer Savoy to Eric W. Benoy, lot Cardinal, $278

Allen Outdoor LLC to John H. and Sarah F. Allen, lot Sunset, $200

Kenneth R. and Anastasia C. Lane to Donna J. Raxter, lot Oak Bend, $257

Ivey L. Wrenn Jr. and Julie M. Wrenn to Andrew M. and Erin C. Layne, lot Hawthorne Chase, $312

Michael D. and Jennifer R. Bingaman to William P. and Marguerite W. Miller, lot Sunset Ridge, $300


New Fortis Corp. to Robert L. and Crystal L. Hearnes, lot Carriage Woods, $284

Greensboro Housing Development to Southside Neighborhood, lot Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, $40

Southside Neighborhood to Court B Properties, lot Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, $57

Starr Enterprise to Charles L. and Sharline S. Comer, lot Summit Hills, $150

New Fortis Corp. to Nicole Dionne Patterson, lot Carriage Woods, $320

Ruth G. Wall to William and David Ray Partnership, lot Dodson Street, $105

Steven K. and De Ette Bryson to Shirley Hayes, lot O. Henry Oaks, $187

Provident Bank to Sodiq Animashaun, lot Kings Forest, $156

Governors Court to Frederick J. Lyman and William C. Edmonds, lot Governors Court Condos, $360

Stephen Bruce and Lori A. Lakey to Harvey R. Lakey Jr., lot Hutcherson property, $62

Ricktana LLC to Tracie W. Bond, lot McGil, $154

Windsor Investments to Bluford W. Dumas Jr., lot Briarmeade, $256

Tiki M. Bigelow to Carl Lee and Daphine L. Blackwell, lot Park Grove, $177

P.C.P. Properties to William Anthony and Doris D. Vincent, lot J Avenue/McCormick Street, $158

Wade Jurney Construction to Kelly T. White, lot O'Henry, $229

Gary Caswell and Susan F. Dent to Glenn D. and Tonya D. Dobrogosz, lot Quaker Run, $380

Old South Home to Frank David Zimmerman Jr., lot Storrington, $278

Neil C. and C. Jalene Clark to James Van Thillo and Suzanne L. Gessner, lot Beechcroft, $273

Mark Andrew and Melanie S. Schultz to Neal Dagenhart, lot Sedgefield Park, $248

Ellery T. and Bessie A. Givens to Margie E. Caviness, lot Grove Park, $168


Jerry B. and Phyllis C. Davis to Lisa L. Elmore, lot Country Meadows, $297

Kenneth R. and Donnie Loy to Robert Frank Jarrell, lot Nat Green Acres, $240


Charles L. Amos, trustee, to Universal Industrial Park, lot Kivett Drive, $610

Kellam and Pettit, substitute trustee, to Deutsch Bank National, lot Mill Pointe, $372

Robert and Sylvia Gibson to Buford Joyce and Frances Allison, lot Highland Cotton Mills property, $86

Van S. and Betty L. Reddick to Joseph Francis Skee II, lot Cicero Holton property, $100

Ryland Group to Donald D. Hartig, lot Village at Fountain Grove, $234

Ryland Group to Mitchell B. and Anne R. Cartrette, lot Fountain Grove, $404

Pierce Homes to Bent and Catherine A. Macchio Wiencke, lot Deep River Villas, $229

Laurence W. and Pamela J. Goldberg to T. Michael and Teresa C. Farguhar, lot Oak Hollow Estates, $517

Martin Thomasson LLC to Michael Karl and Pamela M. Yzerman, lot Austin Downs, $626

Jose A. and Carol R. Hernandez to Consepcion Miranda, lot Snow Park, $100

High Point Classic Living to Kenneth and Carolyn McLamb, lot Deep River Plantation, $393

New Fortis Corp. to Glenwood Allen II and Connie G. Allen, lot Meadowcreek West, $456

New Fortis Corp. to Mark and Adanne Branch, lot Meadowcreek West, $372

M.G. and Juanita Morgan to Gerald B. and Laurie M. Bushey, lot Lake Point, $336

Ronald J. and Wendy H. Hilton to Safdar A. Khan, lot Sinclair Avenue, $66

Alan N. Post, substitute trustee, to High Point Bank and Trust, lot Chatfield Grove, $209

Alan N. Post, substitute trustee, to High Point Bank and Trust, lot Chatfield Grove, $209

Anthony W. and Rose Marie Cody to Robert A. Haas, lot River View Townhomes, $223

Desma H. Kearns to Michael R. and Stephanie P. Smith, lot Willoubar Terrace, $105

New Fortis Corp. to Scotty Lee and Mary Anne Sexton, lot Hampton Park, $452

New Fortis Corp. to Matthew E. and Tracy Nolin, lot Meadowcreek West, $394

Washington Mutual Bank to Christopher A. and Bonnie K. Rhudy, lot Farlow Insurance and Realty, $92

Pierce Homes to Anita Renee Hill, lot Madison Park Condos, $174

Harold V. and Kathleen R. Evans to Sheila D. Cauthen, lot Claude Gable, $136

Jeffrey R. and Donna L. Krause to Mark Clayton, lot Johnson Street, $456

Mon Van Truong and Thuy Thi Nguyen to Eric and Angela Stanley, lot Quail Run Farm, $290

Eric M. and Angela S. Stanley to Robert M. Garmer Jr. and Keri A. Garmer, lot Southpark, $218

Raymond Dudley and Anne W. Alderson to William M. and Anne W. Ingram, lot Tecumseh, $580

Christopher J. and Wanda Borsani to David D. and Carol McCallum, lot Conner Inc., $180

Betsy B. Lehman to James Franklin Foster Jr. and Elizabeth P. Foster, lot Emerywood Forest North, $430

James A. and Lois R. Wallace to Vincent R. and Cheri C. McCullough, lot Wallace, $110

James W. and Betty I. Ream to Jennings C. and Melany A. Carte, lot Wexford, $408

Stephen A. Lamb, substitute trustee, to Centex Home Equity, lot Sutton Place, $39

Pierce Homes to Trang Thi Cam Nguyen, lot Madison Park Condos, $172

Mickey D. Phillips to John W. and Rosaland S. Mitchell, lot Rolling Acres, $236

John L. Finch Realty to Charles Eugene and Robin P. Rowe, lot Sturbridge Woods, $40

Allen Scott and Kelly M. Warren to Jimmy Ray and Sharon G. Barnes, lot Blairwood, $368

Kathleen J. Moffitt to John Rochelle Culler, lot Moffitt property, $490

Manufactures and Traders Trust to Roger and Lori Shaw, lot Bell land, $84

Robert J. and Tracy A. Kassell to Jeffrey P. and Natalie B. Miller, lot Hampton Park, $449

John R. and Cynthia M. Fink to Stephen D. and Amanda E. Corbett, lot Lake Hill Trace, $240

Miroslav and Svetanka Stankovic to Michael David Kroll, lot L.B. Bridges, $176

Steven W. and Christy H. Nunn to Mathem Thanh Pham, lot Nunn property, $120

Steven W. and Christy H. Nunn to Mathem Thanh Pham, lot Brentwood Avenue, $24

Steven W. and Christy H. Nunn to Mathem Thanh Pham, lot Nunn property, $30

Steven W. and Christy H. Nunn to Mathem Thanh Pham, lot Nunn property, $90

Ryland Group to Michael James and Rose M. Miller, lot Village at Fountain Grove, $263

Bellows Family Trust to David and Christy Dietrich, lot Waterford Meadows, $360

Nguyen Duc and Diane Pham to Bill M. Denney, lot Sevron Oaks, $430

Jerry R. Speight and Kathleen D. Speight to Brandon Jeffrey Cook and Suzane Jenkins, lot Oak Hollow, $348

Karing Construction to LaNorde O. and Jennifer L. Willis, lot Johnson Place, $378

Donny M. and Kathy K. Choe to Timothy R. and Kelli W. Tilley, lot Robert Herron Sr. property, $510

Robert K. and Donna Black to Christopher A. and Hollie R. Boswell, lot Mobile Street, $48

Deep River Center to Halle Properties, lot Wendover Crossing, $1,408

Keystone Group to Dale D. Nelson, lot Piedmont Trace, $287

Jason E. Boles to Martha J. McCorkle, lot Hartley Square Condos, $160

Ryland Group to Gibreel M. Kamara, lot Fountain Grove, $272

Greenside Development to John C. and Rita C. Parker, lot Greenside Townhomes, $476

Steve Thomas and Pamela M. Long to Steven E. and Tonya H. Burton, lot Lalique, $336

Villas at Pine Creek to Judith C. Maerlender, lot Villas at Pine Creek, $246


Bryan Scott and Pamela Brinkley to John and Tammy McCraw, lot Thomas Reid McRae, $256

Judy Woodard to C.M.H. Homes, lot Irvin Heights, $40

Paula Denise Porterfield to Sandra M. Tew, lot Cedar Creek Condos, $162

Howell M. and Laura C. Gentry to David O. and Linda L. Pritchett, lot Sedgefield, $634

Michael W. Carter Jr. and Allyson P. Carter to Stanley E. and Jacqueline Uplinger, lot Brook Run, $264


Jack Watson and Deborah S. Wheeler to Robert Gregory and Kimberly H. Carson, lot Alamance Road, $204

D.R. Horton Inc. to Steven L. and Lori A. Drost, lot Willow Creek, $304

New Fortis Corp. to Pauline J. Fraser, lot Trinity Lake, $507

D.R. Horton Inc. to Richard A. and Nancy M. Domian, lot Longmorn Village, $396

D.R. Horton Inc. to Solomon C. Crawford, lot Willow Creek, $303

D.R. Horton Inc. to Tony Jae and Jennifer M. Taylor, lot Birch Creek Ridge, $330

D.R. Horton Inc. to H.R. Bourland II and Dorothy K. Bourland, lot Birch Creek, $339

D.R. Horton Inc. to Andrew C. and Lisa M. Elsdon, lot Longmorn Village, $448

New Fortis Corp. to Nathaniel McGregor Sr. and Barbara McGregor, lot Candace Ridge, $337

John E. Armstrong Jr. and Karen G. Armstrong to Paula Reid-Dowdy, lot Gramercy Park, $333

Geneva C. Fryar to Triad Land Resources, lot Birch Creek Road, $2,566


Paul C. Hyatt Jr. and Mary E. Hyatt to David G. and Trisha R. Crowder, lot Friendship Glen, $540

Jeff D. Rogers, substitute trustee, to Oakwood Acceptance Corp., lot Quarterhorse Farm, $160

Jerry C. Messick Sr. and Rosella V. Messick to Elizabeth Ann Evans, lot Breezy Hill, $92

Archisystems to Stephen L. and Harriet A. Davis, lot Friendship Glen, $460

Michael P. and Karen S. Worrell to Annie S. Amos, lot Friendship Glen, $560


J.R. Kellam Contractor to Douglas L. Gill Jr. and Sharon M. Gill, lot Triple Lakes, $795

Alvin W. and Donna G. Ball to Antonio and Irene V. Ramirez-Rea, lot Cockerman property, $218

Carl A. and Stacey L. Barclay to Chad S. Carter, lot Stonewood, $190

Henry W. and Margaret L. Parker to Kenneth W. and Evelena K. Carter, lot Coffer, $170

Sylvester O. and Marie C. Cumings to Daniel C. and Dawn M. Redding, lot Tidwell, $30


Lamb and Peeples Builders to William L. and Patricia K. Martin, lot Lake Jeanette/ Blue Heron, $784

Deloris Ann Heiney to Timothy L. Hopkins, lot Sunset Hills Condos, $100

Greensboro Classic Living to Kenneth W. and Marlene S. McMasters, lot Villas at Eagle Pointe, $357

Jane M. Knight to Thomas M. Grandy and Brian K. Price, lot Piedmont Homes, $164

Cotswold Park to Kelly S. Tuggle, lot Cotswold Park Condos, $168

BB&T to Jerry M. and Roanne B. Dueitt, lot Eastern Oaks, $126

Meredith Group Inc. to A. and K. Builder and Electric, lot Lake Jeanette/Blue Heron, $350

James M. and Joyce S. McKenzie to Michael A. Bosco, lot Marion Street, $150

Carolyn H. Austell to Robert A. and Sacha C. Kenion, lot Hamilton Forest, $600

Robert A. and Sacha C. Kenion to Erin G. and Dyer M. Bennett, lot Green Valley, $466

Robert E. and Elizabeth W. Fonorow to Susan Brown, lot Starmount Forest, $450

Judith S. Troum to Charles R. Aveline Jr. and Susan K. Aveline, lot Hamilton Forest, $440

Tony W. and Robin M. Davenport to Govind-bhai M. and Urmilaben Patel, lot Tucker and Hendrix property/Hendrix, $110

New Fortis Corp. to Henry S. Burnett III and Sheila J. Burnett, lot Brookstone, $273

Builders Land to New Fortis Corp., lot Brookstone, $174

Reedy Fork East to D.R. Horton Inc., lot Willow Creek, $112

Kristan K. and Angela D. Rausch to James M. Marley Jr. and Kathleen P. Marley, lot Adams Farm/Revere's Run, $415

Tyler Akers and Melanie Handy to Southstone Properties, lot Kindley property, $108

Cotswold Park to Elvis Sakonjic, lot Cotswold Park Condos, $164

Patricia D. Burks to Wayne R. and Rita T. White, lot Westridge Valley/Regal Court, $570

Herman Elwood Flynt Jr. and Catherine C. Flynt to Marie F. Key, lot Michael, $267

Greensboro Classic Living to Diane W. Woolard, lot Villas at Eagle Pointe, $338

Pace Homes to Christopher J. Renoup, lot Northern Shores/Daybreak Square, $788

Taylormade Homes to Roger W. and Lori A. Cooper, lot Point/Rosebay, $638

Pierce Homes to Joshua R. Clayton and Matthew B. Clayton, lot Pleasant Ridge Farms West, $334

Lien Phuong Huynh to Nie Jie Y and Bya Blo Y, lot Random Woods, $209

John Olsen and Eliabeth C. Pinnix to Rachel Briley, lot F.H. Nicholson, $254

Patricia L. Anderson to Arlyn V. Downs and Luciana Byxbee, lot Georgetown Square, $172

Lisa T. Smiley to Pressley A. Ridgill Sr. and Tina J. Ridgill, lot Friendly Acres, $550

Alexander Dawson to Virgil Spaulding, lot Shannon Woods, $120

Bobby Franklin Key to M.W. Holding LLC, lot Wendover Industrial Park, $1,400

Joann D. Bondurant to Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, lot Atkins, $310

Portrait Homes Construction to Annah Reese, lot Coble Farm, $287

Daniel J. and Joy M. Henigin to James C. Sadler, lot Bellwood Village, $270

PFES Associates to Su Ming and Ai-Feng Chan, lot U.S. 220 South (Battleground), $500

Jerry Max and Terri P. Sherrill to Wayne R. and Lynette R. Goode, lot Woodridge, $180

Bentsen-Minor Holdings to Blue Ridge Valley Enterprises, lot Brassfield Professional Center Condos, $330

Danielle Winchester to Wayne L. Stutts Builder, lot Nocho Park, $22

Dawn L. Boraas to David M. Liberstein and Autumn B. Cole, lot Lawndale Homes, $252

Alicia B. Miller to Shannon L. Doss, lot Commons on the Lake Condos, $152

Carewin Properties to Theresa C. Morton, lot Bissette, $326

James S. and Mari Lynn Rowland to Steven B. and Rosemarie S. Printz, lot Westlake Townhomes, $143

John Kavanagh Co. to Cochrane Living Trust, lot Grande, $578

David M. and Barbara M. Dascenzo to Jean-anne M. Roche, lot Starmount Forest, $422

Jane Polk Swain to Alonzo G. Taylor Jr. and Brenda P. Taylor, lot Caldwell Square,$372

Leroy F. Leftwich to Ann Lewis Bennett and Melody R. Morton, lot W. Russell Johnson, $190

Sandia Moore Banner to Mitchem D. and Scarlett V. Grace, lot Kirkwood, $320

Linda Gayle Wilson Turner, executrix, to Debra Snyder Bennett, lot Hillsdale Park, $183

Michael Wayne and Jane B. Kelly to Ellen Ruth Kelly and Jason L. Bryan, lot Park Place, $233

Charles E. Hough Jr. and Linda S. Hough to H. and H. LLC, lot Guilford Village, $110

Sylvester and Addie Bass to Anup Setty, lot Bellwood Village, $150

D. Allen and Florine S. Lillard to Donna L. Liles, lot Charlestowne Square Condos, $116

Fay W. Sanders to Allen P. Winslow, lot Blackwelder property, $34

John Kavanagh Co. to Dewey L. Marley Jr. and Betty W. Marley, lot Gables at the Grande Condos, $237

Robert D. and Carole L. Marquardt to Emerson and Rita F. Williams, lot North Hills, $234

Thomas J. and Lori H. Schultz to Claude M. and Linda L. Hargrove, lot Adams Farm/Fortunes Ridge, $386

Raymond E. and Princess C. Phillips to William Anthony and Doris D. Vincent, lot O.S. Harris, $158

Raymond E. Phillips to William Anthony and Doris D. Vincent, lot Arlington Park, $158

Ellen P. McBride to Janann Clanton, lot Irving Park, $600

Joe W. and Virginia S. Kent to Hubert L. and Denise P. Fiery, lot Irving Park Village, $350

Hayes R. and Cherie M. Holderness to Robert V. Perkins III and Carole D. Perkins, lot Irving Park/Elmwood, $1,450

Sunstar Homes to Brian D. and Wendy L. Smith, lot Northern Shores, $1,016

James Wallace Vaughn to Stephen Paul Paschall and Cameron D. Paschall, lot Friendly Homes, $280

Eugene B. Joswick Jr. and Gene B. Joswick to Viola W. Smith and Lisa S. Whicker, lot Cotswold Pointe Condos, $176

Richard M. and Rose M. Applegate to Mark E. and Karen M. Smith, lot Point/Laurel Cove, $940

New Fortis Corp. to Martha L. Melton, lot Brookstone, $289

Dale A. and Susan Miller to Charles C. and Kathryn M. Green, lot Sunset Drive, $3,400

Portrait Homes Construction to Richard R. and Nellie M. Hestwood, lot Coble Farm, $350

Howard Marshall to Marshall Square LLC, lot Thornton Drive, $854

Dennis W. and Rose Dickson to Linda M. Golden, lot Hamilton Village, $202

George E. and Virginia P. Branch to Kimberly L. Porter, lot Adams Farm/Elk Run, $260

Ronald E. and Tracy Warren to AbsoInvestments LLC, lot Meadowood Glen Condos, $142

Todd and Jennifer L. Evans to Warsha-hennedige A.R.N. and Anoma Fernando, lot Pilot's Ridge, $312

William Myers and Mary Lou Davis to Maura A. Whited, lot Adams Farm/Highstream, $480

Old South Home to Francisco A. Garcia, lot Tollesbury, $181

Joao Frederico Canestraro and Sara Men-donca to George D. and Nina I. Gyupchanov, lot Cambridge Square, $230

David L. Weaver to Anna Weber, lot Brandt Village, $232

Kenneth B. Glasscock to Inez Everston West, lot Coltsfoot Meadows, $260

Anna B. Allen to Patricia Houser, lot Jefferson Acres, $290

James L. Willard, trustee, to Elizabeth Ann McBride, lot Kensington Park Condos, $126

Sean J. and Evelynn A. Curley to Alan Wilson and Juliette C. Cooper, lot Northridge Street, $379

Oatmeal Raisin to Jocarol Pratt and Jocelyn Pratt Guilford, lot Watlington Forest, $240

Evan A. and Laurie A. Lanier Post to Jennifer R. Turnbull, lot Hoyle, $272

Robert S. and Jennifer C. Middlemas to Joao F. and Sara A. Mendonca, lot Latham Park, $520

Patricia S. Hicks to Gordon and Beatrice Haifley, lot Apple Ridge Townhomes, $138

Marian Barber Hartman, executrix, to Nandrea J. Matthews, lot Friendly Homes, $317

Thomas D. Mincher Jr. and Laura J. Mincher to Charles L. Ewell Jr. and Paula B. Ewell, lot Village at Kirkwood, $966

Brian P. and Jill P. Jones to Joseph M. Kahn, lot Sunset Hills, $510

W. Ronald and Mona S. Neal to Kimberly M. Youngdahl, lot Green Valley, $358

Allen Holt Gwyn Jr. and Beth Ann Boulton to Monty and Christian Hagler, lot Bessemer Avenue West, $800

Stephen and Alice H. Agapion to Andrew R. and Kathleen W. Clark, lot Oak Grove, $22

Robert B. and Margaret C. Ferguson to Lisa A. Weaver and Kathy M. Turner, lot Holden, $290

Daniel S. and Amanda O. Sloan to Susan L. Hunt, lot Armfield and Herndon property, $80

Kenny R. and Sara A. Race to Shiny George and George Joseph, lot Adams Farm/Chestnut Bluffs, $404

Harold D. and Myra L. Gabel to Stephen M. and Jennifer M. Szymanski, lot Turnstone Village, $395

Andrew T. Watkin to Laura L. Peoples, lot Garden Homes, $231

Charles C. Sellner Jr. and Barbara C. Sell-ner to Mary Ann Kozikowski and Richard B. Jensen, lot Old Battleground Townhomes, $230

Betty J. Byron to Chase M. Caligiure, lot Oak Ridge Meadows, $234

Michael E. and Candace G. Baskett to Kenneth T. Smart, lot Georgetown Square, $164

Milnor P. and Julia B. Jones to William R. and Seabrook Kelley, lot Irving Park/Elmwood, $710

Dewey L. Marley Jr. and Betty W. Marley to Bety J. Byron, lot Grande at Lake Jeanette, $364

Jean Roberts Adams, trustee, to Milnor P. and Julia B. Jones, lot Fountain Manor Condos, $280

Kenneth R. and Carol W. Smith to Robert W. Brooks IV, lot Brandywine Townhomes, $220

Sunstar Homes to Jon Jeffrey and Deborah Holcombe, lot Northern Shores/Daybreak Square, $786

S. Baxter and Ann E. Stapleton to Mark A. and Melanie S. Schultz, lot Hamilton Lakes, $390

Portrait Homes to Paul W. and Donna N. Spoon, lot Coble Farm, $406

Matthew L. and Alison S. James to Kristina B. Murphy, lot West Market Terrace, $354

Nicholas A. and Tracey G. Shrouder to Kriston K. Gallop, lot Guilford Station Townhomes, $157

Erik M. and Gina C. Peeples to Josue B. Olvera, lot Hadham Place, $167

Donald P. and Toni B. McGowan to Eddie Lee Comer, lot Westwood, $270

C. Allen Parker to Joan R. Stanley, lot Guilford Hills, $230

Helon H. Martin to Longview Management, lot Friendly Acres, $320

Parker and Orleans to Alan W. and Erin P. Sutton, lot Woodberry Park, $756

Keystone Group to Marrissa R. Dick and Frances L. Walker, lot Wheatfield, $252

Christopher Michael and Kelley G. Cook to Christopher B. Johnson, lot Cotswold Village, $233

G. Linn and Elizabeth B. Evans to Alexander N. Maness and Jennifer C. Canipe, lot Milikan Realty Co., $304

Terina L. Potts to Rebecca L. Marriott, lot Glenwood, $138

Holmes B. Ramsay to Lars Koller, lot Oak Ridge Meadows, $302

Marshall Bryan Sutton to Walter R. Tuten and Celia A. Hancock, lot Irving Park, $388

Grace S. Campbell and Craven E. Williams to John Wilson and Jennifer T. Hitchcock, lot Starmount Forest, $340

Roscoe J. and Marilyn L. Allen to Erich S. and Denise T. Hamm, lot Hamilton Forest, $410

Suzanne L. Midkiff to Julia Gentry, lot Somerset Village Condos, $160

John T. Sandridge Jr. and Frances M. Sandridge to Stephen F. and Kari D. Townsend, lot Friendly Lakes, $312

Richard A. and Ann Marie Herard to Egbert and Bridgpala Bissoondutt, lot Starmount Forest, $440

Don Smith General Contractor to Howell M. and Laura C. Gentry, lot North Beech, $952

Scott A. and April C. Roberts to John S. Wilkerson III and Sharon B. Wilkerson, lot Wafco Mills Condos, $208


Kenneth J. and Sharon Dobbins to Russell Construction of the Triad, lot Staffordshire Estates, $124

Taylormade Homes to Michael R. Defosse, lot Merriman Estates, $644

Parker and Orleans Homebuilders to Clemson G. and Susan T. Turregano, lot Oak Ridge Lake, $777

Barry Van Atkins Inc. to Peter S. and Marlene W. Kostyrka, lot Crooked Creek, $384

Barry Van Atkins Inc. to Christian A. and Rebecca L. Wilson, lot Crooked Creek, $374

Kerner Oaks Developers to Charles F. and Judith S. Moore, lot Hunting Ridge, $60

Glenn Myrick Builder to Lunjin Mao and Shuying Wang, lot Stafford Farm Estates, $769

Eldon and Marsha Presnell to Kenneth R. and Emily J. Wilson, lot Forest Creek, $554

Robert S. and Jennifer L. Zimmet to Kenneth H. Hedgecock Jr. and Suzanne S. Hedgecock, lot River Oaks, $530

J. Bar D. Construction to John R. and Cynthia M. Fink, lot Williard Oaks, $670


New Fortis Corp. to Peggy C. Vickers, lot Brightwood Farm, $376

James F. and Beverly C. Beasley to Jerry and Karen B. Horne, lot N.C. 61 South, $380

Portrait Homes Construction to Kelly L. Dalton, lot Ridge Creek, $211

Portrait Homes Construction to Michael J. Kearney, lot Ridge Creek, $243

Stephen J. and Barbara A. Provost to Robert and Elizabeth Tathwell, lot Stoney Creek, $614

Portrait Homes Construction to James B. and Michelle D. Moffat, lot Ridge Creek, $233

Portrait Homes Construction to Joshua B. Hyler and Diane S. Hyler, lot Ridge Creek, $209

Portrait Homes Construction to Denise N. Compton, lot Ridge Creek, $224

Robin H. Thomas to Robert D. and Barbara S. Starr, lot Wheeler property, $170

Keystone Group to Jeffery William Ferris, lot Pine View West, $291

Portrait Homes Construction to Charles S. Wallace Jr. and James E. Hooks, lot Ridge Creek, $223


Christopher W. Welch to Andrea Dawson Traxler, lot King's Pond, $262

Terence Blaney and Elizabeth M. Stanaland to John and Angela Moore Whitler, lot Coltrane Mill Road, $468


Oakwood Mobile Homes to Jay Christopher Gilliland, lot Crowflight Acres, $72

Debra L. Toms to Robert and Ellen Merendino, lot Nottingham, $304

H. Terry Hutchens, substitute trustee, to Nichols Land Co., lot Southmont, $108

Jack Milton Jr. and Julia T. Milton to Charlotte Casey, lot Fountain Manor Condos, $416

Centex Homes to Minh Nguyen and Hong Le Nguyen, lot Spencers Trace, $700

Steven E. Black, substitute trustee, to E. and P. Property Holdings, lot Scott Park, $51

Roger D. and Dorothy P. Werner to John W. and Elizabeth H. Callicutt, lot Jefferson Gardens, $330

U.S. Bank to Eric and Amanda Taylor, lot Boulevard Street, $76

Milton M. and Vivian D. Knight to Michael T. and Deborah C. Harris, lot Mendenhall Street, $460

Robert A. Benson, substitute trustee, to Betty L. Davis, lot Church Street North, $130

Gregory L. and Barbara S. Matney to Samer Mushahwar, lot Charlestowne Village, $154

Joseph D. and Mary Jane Long to Kathy U. White, lot Hickory Woods, $338

J.M. Heritage to A.P.C. Homebuyers Network, lot Fieldstone, $225

Roger Dale Johnson to William T. and Elizabeth C. Earnst, lot Baker Road, $244

Burns II LLC to Michael B. and Janet P. Pantuso, lot Sedgefield, $883

Shugart Enterprises to Sidney L. Via, lot Arrowwood, $250

SSB Properties to John P. Finklea, lot Bellwood Village, $209

Melvin and Clara Osborne to Ben Johnson Sr., lot Woodlawn Park, $180

A. Elizabeth N. Council, administrator, to Jeff and Elizabeth C. Nall, lot Lincoln Grove, $32

A. Elizabeth N. Council, administrator, to Jeff and Elizabeth C. Nall, lot Lincoln Grove, $32

Linda F. Kirkman to Kesha L. Gambill, lot Bryson Ridge, $207

Melanie Hoffman to Christian A. and Susan K. Bodtke Tomaszewski, lot Walker Avenue, $280

John Steven and Judith H. Desper to Renee Skelly, lot Guilford Hills, $253

Key Bank to Routh Properties, lot Kirkwood, $272

Kimberly Gross to David W. Sharpe, lot Georgetown Square Condos, $114

Marvin L. and Sarah A. Gillman to Dennis M. Moran, lot Southmont, $138

Rodney Kim and Patricia Bendigo to Monserrat Manuel Ruiz Rivera, lot Hunter Hills, $148

Investment Consolidators to B. and G. Enterprises, lot U.S. 158, $950

Elizabeth Allen Buet to Nakita James Morgan, lot Towers Condos, $160

Kimberly Michelle Youngdahl to Randal V. and Carolyn K. Taylor, lot Lawndale Homes, $220

Leroy Franklin Holmes Jr. to Jonathan R. and Stephen R. Bostian, lot Bricker Street, $103

John Haworth, trustee, to 5506 West Friendly LLC, lot Friendly Avenue West, $990

Alan E. and Susan Weaver to Brian M. and Melissa S. Boyd, lot Sharpe Acres, $146

William and Leslie Owen to Willie H. and Cecilia M. Tyndall, lot Andrew, $344

David J. and Lisabeth J. Hickey to Generosa P. DeGuzman, lot Cypress Lakes, $260

David J. and Lisabeth J. Hickey to Generosa P. DeGuzman, lot Cypress Lakes, $260

David and Mary L. Sintak to Thomas M. and Kristen M. Soth, lot Cypress Lakes, $412

Thomas M. and Kristen Soth to Christopher and Donan K. Harris Phillips, lot Williams property, $258

Marc W. and Christy W. Ridgill to Sandra B. Totten, lot Briarwood, $258

David P. and Billy S. Nard to Samuel M.B. and Martha C. Walton, lot Brownstone, $304

Starmount Residential to Robert David and Nancy S. Graham, lot Jefferson Wood, $254

Salifou and Mildred Na-Allah to Renee K. Beaver, lot Piney Forest, $220

Gregory T. Humphries to Colleen L. Larkin, lot Courthouse Square, $308

Lillian P. Clayton to William Stapleton, lot Raven Ridge, $259

Carolyn A. Phillips to Sandra Sanchez and Maria Deleon, lot Apple Ridge, $214

Elizabeth F. Pardue to Linda McIntosh, lot Battle Forest Village, $185

Key Bank to Diana R. Ivey, lot Cone Mills Corp. property, $131

Lloyd K. Parson Jr. and Carol Parson to Harry C. McIntyre Jr. and Jane L. McIntyre, lot Cone Mills Corp. property, $126

McMurray Real Estate Holdings to Curtis and Suganthini Passmore, lot Peacefore Meadows, $518


Richard Glen and Anna Wilkinson to James Howard and Martha C. Murray, lot Griffin property, $50

Arthur C. Harris Jr. and Deborah L. Harris to Carl and Margie L. May, lot Tickle Road, $182

Building permits


Oatmeal Raisin LLC, 719 Prince Road, six-room house, $60,000

Oatmeal Raisin LLC, 717 Prince Road, six-room house, $60,000

D.R. Horton Inc., 4821 Kingwell Drive, five-room house, $63,910

George and Ann Durham, 209 W. Camel St., new self-storage, $128,100

Barbara Taylor, 2801 Northampton Drive, enclose detached carport, $9,000

Old South Home, 5011 Winding Creek Drive, new club house, $44,000

Grande at Lake Jeanette, 4818 Lake Laurel Court, house, $128,200

Henry Wilson, 2417 Lane Road, add detached garage, $10,600

Tim Knowles, 202 Crossvine Lane, nine-room house, $180,485

Guilford County Board of Education, 1501 Benjamin Parkway, greenhouse, $10,000

Pace Homes, 5009 Angler Lane, nine-room house, $182,820

Koury Ventures, 4510 Weybridge Lane, interior alterations, $295,000

A. and W. Investment Properties, 711 S. Booker St., seven-room house, $64,000

Mark L. Rosenbaum, 620 S. Elm St., interior alterations, $193,208

Jeffery and Kyra Houser, 3017 Stratford Drive, accessory building, $3,141

Willow Oaks, 603 Old Heritage Trail, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 603-B Old Heritage Trail, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 603-C Old Heritage Trail, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 603-D Old Heritage Trail, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 608-A Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 608-B Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 608-C Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 608-D Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 608-E Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 706-A Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 706-B Jennifer St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2107-A Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2107-B Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2107-C Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2101-A Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2101-B Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2101-C Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2101-D Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2101-E Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2101-F Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2001-A Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2001-B Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2001-C Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2001-D Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Mid City Urban, 2001-E Everitt St., apartment, $57,850

Southern Bell Telephone, 1621 McKnight Mill Road, interior alterations, $37,200

Lloyd and Zahnel Maxey, 5418 Dobson Road, cover over back deck, $3,500

Signature Place, 3200-120 Northline Ave., interior alterations, $21,000

Carolina Custom Homecrafters, 312 Gorrell St., six-room townhome, $132,180

Carolina Custom Homecrafters, 314 Gorrell St., six-room townhome, $132,180

Oswaldo Vieira, 4011 Stone Bluff Court, accessory building, $1,999

James N. Davis, 3703 Wedgedale Place, pool, $14,000

Willow Oaks, 2100-A Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2100-B Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2100-C Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2100-D Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2100-E Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2100-F Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2102-A Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2102-B Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2102-C Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2102-D Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Willow Oaks, 2102-E Carver Drive, apartment, $57,850

Randy and Juanita Bowlin, 611 Friendway Road, accessory building, $3,740

Well Springs Retirement Community, 4205 Blue Violet Drive, house, $169,000

Jim Deaton, 6 Lake Forest Court, interior alterations, $50,000

Bulent Bediz, 818 Lexington Ave., alterations, $5,112

Larry and Bertha Glenn, 1300 Kizer Court, accessory building, $2,724

Bediz Bulent, 816 Lexington Ave., alterations, $1,000

Don E. Cato, trustee, 1123 Virginia St., repairs, $1,500

Hnien Ksor, 1416 E. Cone Blvd., accessory building, $5,100

Golden State Foods, 8416 Triad Drive, alterations, $30,000

Habitat for Humanity, 917 Pine St., seven-room house, $45,000

Habitat for Humanity, 919 Pine St., eight-room house, $47,000

Habitat for Humanity, 904 Pine St., five-room house, $42,000

Habitat for Humanity, 903 Pine St., eight-room house, $47,000

Habitat for Humanity, 916 Pine St., eight-room house, $47,000

Habitat for Humanity, 914 Pine St., seven-room house, $45,000

Blue Ridge Valley, 1902 Pembroke Road, remodel kitchen, $40,000

Lupita's, 2703 High Point Road, alterations, $20,000

Joseph and Christine Pettit, 6 Carlynn Court, add sunroom, $11,533

Kevin Herndon, 913 Walker Ave., addition, $15,000

Pamela Maxwell, 1302 Vance St., seven-room house, $108,128

Highwoods/Forsyth Limited Partnership, 414 Gallimore Dairy Road, interior alterations, $137,000

Jefferson Pilot, 100 N. Greene St., reroof, $92,266

Mary M. Shope, 2724 Stratford Drive, add bathroom, utility room, $16,000

D.R. Horton Inc., 4817 Redland Court, six-room house, $110,748

D.R. Horton Inc., 4805 Redland Court, six-room house, $110,748

Chris and Barbara Guest, 3005 Duffield Drive, interior alterations, $24,000

Nabco Inc., 3 Carlson Terrace, 16-room house, $350,000

Moses Cone Hospital, 1200 N. Elm St., addition to hospital, $19,538,000

Highwoods Properties, 1501 Highwoods Blvd., install precast wall panels, $12,500

Westminster Homes, 4320 Creekdale Drive, six-room house, $75,660

Westminster Homes, 6 Blackhaw Court, eight-room house, $167,120

N.L. Group, 417 McAdoo Ave., 10-room house, $172,000

Peter Bond, 20 Laurel Cove, add master bedroom, family room, $150,000

Guilford Industrial Park, 5711-D W. Market St., interior alterations, $17,000

Mark Caudill, 125 Kemp Road East, interior alterations, $7,000

Tobe Sherrill, 2 Henderson Court, rebuild chimney, $25,000

Dixie Hull, 3700-A Mizell Road, six-room house, $74,496

Henry Wilson, 2417 Lane Road, add detached garage, $10,600

Guilford County Board of Education, 131 Franklin Blvd., alterations, $2,100

D.H. Sutphin Builders, 610 Topwater Lane, 13-room house, $210,000

Iris Rucker, 2 Chateau Court, repair fire damage, $20,000

Angel Miller, 2407 Marston Road, repair termite damage, $5,500

John and Ronda Wray, 1618 Elwood Ave., accessory building, $1,000

Highwood Properties, 1501 Highwoods Blvd., new ATM, $9,500

Sheri L. Colvin, 1023 Jefferson Road, enclose porch, $1,200


Anne Hice, 6759 Kearney Road, residential addition, $27,456

Billy Coffer Construction, 2904 Mitchellwood Drive, three-room house, $158,268

Johnny Freeman, 5807 Southstone Drive, five-room house, $497,081

Arcon, 696 Pimlico Drive, three-room house, $134,904

Wayne Williams, 208 Air Harbor Road, residential storage building, $105,600

Rikerhomes, 8226 William Wallace Drive, four-room house, $341,933

Harry McIntyre, 5325 Eckerson Road, residential addition, $23,760

Gary Jobe Builders, 7070 Toscana Terrace, four-room house, $428,076

Bobby Christianson, 3911 Katie Drive, four-room house, $393,447

Arcon, 6722 Winners Drive, three-room house, $121,440

David Ezell, 7235 Ledbetter Road, residential addition, $49,500

Arcon, 6732 Winners Road, three-room house, $118,602

Arcon, 6904 E. Whirlaway Court, five-room house, $259,974

Arcon, 6736 Winners Drive, three-room house, $114,048

Fortis Corp., 6914 E. Whirley Court, four-room house, $200,706

Arcon, 6728 Winners Drive, three-room house, $93,786

Arcon, 6730 Winners Drive, three-room house, $114,906

New Fortis, 1901 Green Market Court, four-room house, $163,548

Charles Keene, 6745 Coltrane Mill Road, residential addition, $14,256


Smith and Shore Oil Co., 102 Greensboro Road, commercial repair, $2,500

Brokers Inc., 133 E. Farris Ave., commercial repair, $40,000

Guilford County Schools, 825 E. Washington Drive, commercial building, $54,500

Carolina Container Co., 900 Prospect St., commercial building, $75,000

Atlantic Corp., 4229 Beechwood Drive, commercial addition, $1,957,032

Thomas Nelson, 2153 Brevard Road, commercial building, $23,793

George Clements Building, 819 Belmont Drive, apartment building, $453,633

Shugart Enterprises, 5901 Mineral Springs Court, residential addition, $24,745

Joe Thompson, 2613 Glasshouse Road, residential addition, $11,185

M. Brookes, 305 Hillcrest Road, residential addition, $14,684

D. Michael Freeman Builders, 3985 Navy Place, house, $157,332

Patrick Shawn McMillan, 1433 Furlough Ave., house, $82,883

Westminster Homes, 4478 Garden Club St., house, $239,399

Jurney Construction, 2186 Glen Cove Way, house, $159,336

Thomas Eisenman, 918 Howard Place, house, $69,117

D. Michael Freeman Builders, 2340 Azure Court, house, $167,847

Karing Construction, 1179 Double Pond Lane, house, $152,999

Windsor Investments, 2689 Dandelion Drive, house, $144,497

Ryland Homes, 3702 Village Springs Drive, house, $197,880

Ryland Homes, 4016 Fountain Grove Drive, house, $162,444

Greenside Development, 2751 Spoonwood Lane, house, $210,444

Westminster Homes, 1220 Scarlett Drive, house, $125,448

John Kavanagh Co., 3602 Sunset Hollow Drive, house, $99,685

John Kavanagh Co., 3603 Sunset Hollow Drive, house, $87,093

Greenside Development, 2759 Spoonwood Lane, house, $191,179

Greenside Development, 2755 Spoonwood Lane, house, $186,852

Fortis Homes, 3813 Parkway Vista Drive, house, $148,380

Juan Vargas, 2714 Belmont Drive, residential accessory building, $1,500

David Kirk, 2024 La Dora Drive, residential accessory building, $34,000

Villas at Pine Creek, 1242 Burton Ave., residential deck, $1,500

Villas at Pine Creek, 1244 Burton Ave., residential deck, $1,500

Villas at Pine Creek, 1246 Burton Ave., residential deck, $1,500

Villas at Pine Creek, 248 Burton Ave., residential deck, $1,500

Donald Stone, 1305 Primrose Lane, swimming pool, $2,354

Edward Scarbrough, 924 Old Winston Road, residential addition, $7,490

T.E. Richardson, 6236 Spurgeon Way, residential addition, $10,786

Amber Zachary, 6236 Spurgeon Way, residential addition, $6,392

Shugart Enterprises, 5813 Election Oak Drive, house, $170,214

R. Andrews Builders, 2411 Lake Oak Court, house, $235,909

Scott and Co., 3703 Apple Orchard Court, house, $214,660

Ricardo I. Rodriguez, 2509 Eight Oaks Drive, house, $101,612

Eastwood Construction, 2117 Burton Run Road, house, $125,630

Eastwoo Construction, 2159 Burton Run Road, house, $109,642

Windsor Investments, 2678 Dandelion Drive, house, $122,150

Eastwood Construction, 2121 Burton Run Road, house, $91,293

Advocate Group, 204 E. Farris Ave., house, $92,782

Old South Home Co., 3840 Banbridge Drive, house, $164,707

Eastwood Construction, 2149 Burton Run Road, house, $101,830

Ed Kimsey, 4103 Pennfield Way, house, $161,393

Eastwood Construction, 2108 Burton Run Road, house, $111,563

Eastwood Construction, 2124 Burton Run Road, house, $144,517

Eastwood Construction, 2156 Burton Run Road, house, $109,642

Eastwood Construction, 1044 Bexley Court, house, $125,630

Ed Kimsey, 4105 Pennfield Way, house, $183,341

Nancy Surrett, 104 Marywood Drive, residential accessory building, $14,000

Justin Fleming, 6037 Old Plank Road, residential accessory building, $1,700


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