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Do what you like HELLO, HOT LINE: Why doesn't the state Division of Motor Vehicles give drivers copies of the driver handbooks that many of us need in studying for licensing exams?

I've lived in several other states, and in each I was given a handbook to keep in my glove compartment.Doesn't that make more sense? S.D.

Dear S.D. The state wants to keep the books in circulation to save money, said Dwight Godwin, assistant district supervisor of the Greensboro DMV office.

Although the DMV asks that you bring the book back, it is a request and not a requirement, said Bill Powell, assistant director for driver's licenses in the Raleigh DMV office.

``If you want to keep one, you can do that,' Powell said.

``We are just trying to be frugal with the taxpayers' money.'

The state last printed books in 1988 - 440,000 copies at 19 cents each.

A matter of hygiene HELLO, HOT LINE: I ate at a Durham pizza restaurant a week before a worker there came down with hepatitis.

I'm angry because every time I turn around, there is a hepatitis scare because of a nasty employee.

What can we - the public - do to make sure employers make sure their employees practice cleanliness? N.H.

Dear N.H.: The effort has long been there. Hepatitis A is largely transmitted by people who do not practice the hygiene ``that our mothers should have taught us,' said Dr. John Cutler, an epidemiologist in the state Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.

State health ordinances require restaurant employees to wash their hands after each visit to the restroom, and many restaurants have posted signs to instruct their employees to do just that.

During the past three years, the number of reported cases that involve the public have been highly publicized to prevent hepatitis outbreaks, Cutler said.

The number of actual reported cases last year were lower than in years past, and no official tally has been made this year, he said.

Local health departments also try stressing personal hygiene during food-service schools offered to restaurant workers and managers during the year.

``We do have some cases out there, which is sad to say, but we are fortunate that we don't have more,' said John White, supervisor of the food, lodging and institutional sanitation section of the Guilford County Health Department.

When parents won't pay HELLO, HOT LINE READERS: In 1988, $14 billion in child support went unpaid, resulting in more than a few sacrifices by the custodial parent, according to the federal Consumer Information Center.

If this is your situation, two free publications can help you locate absent parents, establish paternity if it is in question, and establish and enforce a legal order of support.

Handbook on Child Support Enforcement (Item 505W) offers answers to common questions and suggestions for improving your chance of receiving awarded support.

Wage Withholding for Child Support - an Employer's Guide for Small Business (Item 502W) provides specific information for employers and parents on one method of ensuring support payments.

For free copies, send your name and address and item numbers to S. James, Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colo. 81009.

Send your questions and comments to HOT LINE, P.O. Box 20848, Greensboro, N.C. 27420; or call 272-5635.

A consumer HOT LINE runs Mondays and Wednesdays; an entertainment HOT LINE runs Fridays.

HOT LINE tries to answer as many questions as possible, based on general interest. Nancy H. McLaughlin is HOT LINE editor.

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