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There is an old adage: If you don't have a case, bang on the table.

Judging by his Sept. 16 column on Israeli domination, Joseph Sobran fully subscribes to that diversionary tactic. His latest column promotes a book by a disgruntled and discredited ex-Israeli secret agent who contends that the Mossad, the Israeli CIA, had engaged in activities harmful to American interests. The book is sensational in content and is unsubstantiated in documentation.Sobran, having presented an emotion-laden issue as fact, then proceeds to level a series of unrelated charges against the Jewish state.

Contrary to Sobran's charge of ``reprehensible behavior,' Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, has been a staunch ally of the United States. Her strategic value adjacent to the Mideast oil fields is obvious to any fair-minded observer.

In contradiction to Sobran's charge of ``media domination' by Israel, you have only to watch Pat Buchanan on TV or read Anthony Lewis, Robert Novak, et al, to witness opposing views.

As for Congress, Sobran infers they are ``venal and cowardly.' That body includes 100 senators and 435 elected representatives, many of whom support Israel. They vote the wishes of their constituents or they wouldn't be re-elected.

Typically, Sobran attempts to transform emotional issues into political issues. As President Bush said of the Iraqi attempt to shift the blame to others, ``It won't work.'

Sobran continues to bang on his drum, but it has a hollow sound. Harold Scher Greensboro

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