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Jurors in Marion Barry's drug and perjury trial watched a riveting videotape Thursday showing the mayor smoking crack cocaine and then being arrested by FBI agents during a hotel-room sting operation.

The fuzzy tape shows Barry twice inhaling from a pipe, and a few moments later, agents bursting into the room where he had come at the invitation of a longtime friend cooperating with the FBI.``I didn't do anything,' Barry said at first. Then, realizing his situation, he muttered, ``I've been set up' and uttered a string of expletives at the friend, ex-model Rasheeda Moore.

Barry, talking as much to himself as anyone else in the room, repeated his curses and complaints over and over as FBI agents and city police searched him and carried out other routine post-arrest procedures.

As the videotape was played, Barry studied a transcript in the courtroom. His wife Effi stared, expressionless, at a television monitor. Moore, seated on the witness stand, viewed the tape on a small television set nearby.

Asked during a break in the proceedings how he felt about the tape, Barry smiled slightly but did not speak.

Barry attorney R. Kenneth Mundy began cross-examination shortly before the trial adjourned for the day, quickly asserting, ``I think she brought up the subject' of drugs.

Mundy contended Moore had cooperated with the government because she needed money.

Three FBI cameras hidden in a downtown hotel room recorded Barry's visit to Moore's room on Jan. 18 and his purchase of an amount of the drug from an undercover agent posing as a friend of Moore's.

The tape shows Barry initially expressed reluctance to smoke the cocaine unless Moore did so, too.

She declined his repeated requests, saying, ``It makes me too hyper, I get really hyper.'

``You do it,' he insisted.

``No, I'm not doing nothing,' she replied. ``I thought you bought this 'cause you wanted to take a hit.'

``Aw, naw, you do it,' responded Barry.

But she didn't.

At one point Barry said of a drug pipe, ``I don't know how this work. ... I never done it before.' But a few moments later he walked over to a dresser, picked up the pipe, lit it and inhaled the drug. He appeared momentarily wobbly. Moore was across the room. Barry then inhaled again, and the federal agents burst into the room moments later.

Barry acknowledged a month ago that he smoked crack that night, and said federal prosecutors were trying to kill him by providing a potentially lethal dose of the drug.

His lawyer contends the mayor was the victim of government entrapment, a reluctant, inexperienced drug user on the night in question.

Barry, 54, has pleaded innocent to 10 misdemeanor cocaine-possession charges, one misdemeanor cocaine conspiracy charge, and three felony charges of lying to a grand jury about his alleged drug use. One possession charge stems from the night of his arrest.

The videotape was shown after a morning of testimony during which Moore said Barry was reluctant to come to her room.

In one telephone call between the two, tape recorded by federal agents and played for the jury, he complained, ``There are too many nosy rosies around.'

The videotape shows Barry asking Moore if her friend Wanda - the undercover agent - would ``mess around.'

``Yeah, sometimes,' Moore said. ``She toots (snorts cocaine) more than she'll do anything else.'

Later, Barry said, ``Let's go talk to her.'

Barry first gave Moore money - she testified it was $100 - to buy drugs from Wanda after the undercover agent returned to the room. The two went into the bathroom, and Moore emerged with a packet, the tape showed.

After Moore has said she didn't get any new drugs from Wanda, Barry asked her to get the crack back and provided her with $20, the tape showed.

After debating about who would smoke first, Barry finally did and was arrested shortly afterward.

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