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In a third-floor room overlooking the coastline, in a Kuwaiti office-apartment complex turned command center, the Iraqis planned their defense and destruction of Kuwait City - with plastic blocks.

In a 4-foot-by-4-foot wooden frame, the invaders built a model city. Green-dyed wood chips represented water, brown chips the sand beaches of the jagged Kuwait coastline. Plastic block buildings dotted the model city; folded place cards, numbered in Arabic, marked the locations of five Iraqi divisions.Afloat in the model's Persian Gulf were nine paper boats, presumably representing the naval armada and amphibious landing force stationed offshore.

``From here they helped destroy our city,' a Kuwaiti resistance leader said Wednesday as he led a reporter through a series of Iraqi bunkers and command centers in the newly freed Kuwaiti capital. ``When they ran, they left everything behind ... They were monsters.'

The waterfront command post showed signs of hasty retreat, as did a dozen smaller command bunkers in the sand along Kuwait Bay.

Stacks of papers offered a chilling reminder of the police state the Iraqi occupiers had imposed on Kuwait City: photocopies of hundreds of passports belonging to Kuwaitis, as well as Egyptians, Indians, Pakistanis and others living in Kuwait.

The resistance leaders walked gingerly, cringing as each ammo case was opened, each Iraqi helmet or canteen overturned.

The crates also showed evidence that Iraq drew support from Arab allies, despite the trade embargo imposed after the Aug. 2 invasion.

Fifty boxes of shells lining the sand walls of one bunker bore the seal: ``Yemen Arab Republic.' In others, boxes were imprinted with delivery labels of Jordan's army.

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