A flare stack

Piedmont Natural Gas provided this photo showing a flare stack.

GREENSBORO — People in northern Greensboro may see a tall flame and hear loud noises for about a week from pipeline maintenance work in the area, according to a release from Piedmont Natural Gas.

The utility company is performing routine pipeline maintenance today through July 30, barring bad weather. The work is taking place in the area of 2519 New Garden Road East, between Lawndale Drive and Lake Jeanette Road.

The work will include the use of a flare stack (a large vertical pipe), which could produce a loud noise and result in a tall flame being visible to nearby neighborhoods and businesses, the utility said. 

People in the area also may notice a whistling sound or the smell of natural gas, according to the release. 

Piedmont Natural Gas said flare stack operation is a controlled process that will be managed and monitored by its personnel in cooperation with the local fire department.

The company is announcing the work to avoid any undue concerns and unnecessary calls to 911.

Workers perform maintenance on a natural gas pipeline.

Workers perform maintenance on a natural gas pipeline.

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