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In a screen shot from a video, a customer shouts "We don't cover our face in America" to other patrons of a Davidon County restaurant.

THOMASVILLE — A video of a Thomasville woman ranting in a fast-food restaurant about her distaste for masks, Democrats and the Black Lives Matter movement went viral over the weekend.

The video shared to Rex Chapman’s Twitter was retweeted nearly 20,000 times and had 40,000 likes by Monday afternoon. In it, a woman, identified in a Newsweek article as Jennifer Kaye of Thomasville, turns around after picking up her food at the checkout counter of an unidentified Davidson County fast-food restaurant.

See the video here. Warning: Language is explicit:

It’s not clear who Kaye is responding to when she loudly says, “We don’t cover our face in America! They don’t control us. We’re Americans.”

Kaye marches toward the restaurant’s exit, passing closely by someone waiting in line. The person can tells her to get away from him, leading her to turn and tell him that he must be a Democrat.

“You worship Obama, don’t you?” Kaye says. “Peace, love, harmony. Trump 2020, baby.”

In the video, Kaye pushes the door to exit, but quickly returns when someone inside calls her a derogatory name. A shirtless, tattooed man she appears to know walks up behind her from outside, attempting to hold her back as she continues ranting.

Kaye calls the person inside the restaurant a Democrat and disparages the Black Lives Matter with the use of curse words before leaving.

Replies to the video on Twitter label Kaye as a “Karen,” a term assigned to middle-aged white women who present themselves with a sense of entitlement. The term has become even more popular lately as racially charged protests across the country draw criticism from white women and men who don’t support the movement.

People on the internet flocked to Kaye’s Facebook and Instagram after she was identified to call her out for her actions, calling her ignorant and racist in the comment sections of her posts.

She did not respond to a request for comment. 

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