GREENSBORO — Rocky and Jagger, the Greensboro Science Center's new Sumatran tiger brothers, are settling into their new home, according to a news release.

Officials released video Monday of the 2-year-old siblings' arrival at the center's zoo last Friday. They are being housed behind the scenes as they acclimate to their new surroundings.

"Rocky and Jaggar arrived safe and sound Friday afternoon," Jessica Hoffman-Balder, the center's vice president of animal care and welfare, said in the release. "They did very well with transport and settled in quickly to their new home."

The center's tiger exhibit, which has undergone extensive renovations over the past two years, will eventually support a breeding pair of tigers, according to the release.

The center plans to participate in the Sumatran tiger Species Survival Plan, a program designed to oversee the population management of select species within Association of Zoos and Aquariums member institutions.

After the deaths of the zoo's previous tigers, Kisa, who died in 2016, and Axl, who died in 2017, the zoo completely rebuilt the original tiger facility to support future breeding efforts.

It now features four individual rooms that can be combined as needed to form larger rooms. This allows for future denning space and a separate area for mom and cubs.

Waterfalls, bridges, rocks, scratching posts and a cave have been recently added to the exhibit space, as well.

Science Center staff hope these changes will provide the animals with plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Rocky and Jaggar will slowly be granted access to the exhibit space to explore their surroundings while the center is closed. Once the animal-care team is confident the tigers are well adjusted and ready to meet the public, an official opening date will be announced, according to the release.

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