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A Brazilian nonprofit has created a new model for land ownership that welcomes both local people and scientists to collaborate in preserving the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical forest. The goal is to create something replicable for other parts of the Amazon and slow the deforestation rates that have destroyed 10% of the entire forest in the last 40 years.


Dashcam footage shows the moment a runaway cow was lassoed by a wrangler on a Michigan highway, an alligator was rescued after strolling through a Texas neighborhood, and more popular videos from the past week you may have missed.

Paris was just issued the world’s first microplastic rain forecast, with experts saying they expect upwards of 100 pounds worth of microplastics to fall out of the sky. And they say if the rain is worse than predicted and downpours, that number could increase by up to ten times.

Authorities say Russia’s southern Belgorod region that borders Ukraine came under attack from Ukrainian artillery fire, hours after two drones struck a Russian city in a region next to the Crimea Peninsula. The Kremlin’s forces meanwhile struck a clinic in Dnipro on Friday, killing two and wounding another 23, including two children. Ukrainian officials also said a Russian missile hit a dam in the Karlivka district of Donetsk province in eastern Ukraine. That placed nearby settlements under threat of severe flooding. Russia's Belgorod region was earlier this week the target of one of the most serious cross-border attacks from Ukraine since the war began 15 months ago.

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