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I have tried hard not to bring Dudley into the needs of Oak Ridge Elementary. However, the letter ``Schools must even up historical inequities' (July 19) has forced me to do just that.

All children of Guilford County need and deserve a safe and secure environment to attend school. In the letter, the writer states that Dudley still ``needs' more money. That's debatable. Funding has been provided to build one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in Guilford County at Dudley. Only the residents of that district are preventing it from happening.For every article written to ``preserve Dudley,' there has been a contradiction to ``move on.' Does that have anything to do with Oak Ridge Elementary? No. If you think schools in black neighborhoods have ``shabbier buildings and poorer equipment,' then you haven't visited Oak Ridge Elementary. I am not opposed to preserving Dudley, but is it equity, is it justice, to do it at the expense of Oak Ridge?

At this point, Oak Ridge is not looking for ``state-of-the-art.' We are looking for an appropriately heated building that can be safely secured with our children inside. Is that too much to ask for?

County commissioners are hardly giving ``extra' money to Oak Ridge. They are finally giving ``some' money to Oak Ridge. As a resident of Oak Ridge, I supported the school bonds because I knew it was the right thing to do for all of the children of Guilford County. If you will recall, Oak Ridge Elementary did not receive any bond money.

It is time to do what's right for all of the children of Guilford County.\ Annette Riffle\ Oak Ridge

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