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You know it’s bad when the organization that includes the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians says you’re too racist. That’s like Matt Gaetz telling you to date your own age.

— Stephen Colbert

Meanwhile, the Braves were like, "Phew, I can’t believe this had nothing to do with our team name, tomahawk logo or chant."

— Jimmy Fallon

(The new Georgia voting law) is so blatantly racist that it’s been dubbed "Jim Crow 2.0." 2.0, really? Georgia’s passed so many voter-suppression measures, they’ve got to be up to at least Jim Crow Snow Leopard.

— Stephen Colbert

And it’s sure not a great look that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed it behind closed doors guarded by state troopers, surrounded by white men while sitting under a painting of a slave plantation. He then celebrated by watching "Gone With the Wind" and singing all the words to "Gold Digger."

— Stephen Colbert

And now Republicans say they’re going to boycott baseball. They’re already boycotting the NFL and the NBA. Soon their only sports will be golf and jarts.

— Jimmy Fallon

Cheer up, Republicans. You can’t watch football, baseball or basketball or NASCAR anymore, but you can still watch Donald Trump play golf and drink Coke.

— Jimmy Kimmel

But this is tough for these corporations, too. I mean, they must really miss the old days — you know, when they didn’t have to take sides on voting rights or culture wars. You know, they just made diapers out of asbestos and that was that.

— Trevor Noah

And honestly you’ve got to feel for the GOP, because they spend so much time defending corporate interests, trying to cut corporate taxes, letting corporations do whatever they want, and then the corporations are just like, "Cool, now we have more money to pay Colin Kaepernick."

— Trevor Noah

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