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Romaine Worster: Even if Trump lost, the GOP expanded its muscle in Congress

Romaine Worster: Even if Trump lost, the GOP expanded its muscle in Congress

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Supporters of President Donald Trump wave Nov. 15 as he departs Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va.

Well, Election Day has come and gone. I voted for Donald Trump, so I am sorely disappointed at what appears to be the result.

However, I’m encouraged that the Republican Party still holds the Senate. (We’ll know for sure in January after the runoff vote in Georgia.) So far Republicans are expecting to gain up to 13 seats in the House, narrowing Democratic control, and trifectas in states (control of governorships and both chambers of the legislatures) favor Republicans. So, thanks to the genius of the Founding Fathers, that should, at least, put the brakes on the left-wing governmentalist agenda.

Now come the calls for unity and, as the fictional detective Adrian Monk would say, I have to LOL out loud, especially when I see Biden supporters weeping openly as they proclaim a return to peace, love and normalcy — as if 72 million Trump voters will rush eagerly into their open arms crooning Kumbaya.

Ah, the derangement never ends. Yeah, we’re going to forget four years of being called racists, homophobes, ignoramuses, and, of course, deplorables. And we’ll forget about those folks who were assaulted and spat on because they had the temerity to wear MAGA hats. And people in the administration like Sarah Sanders, who was refused service at a restaurant simply because she was Trump’s press secretary.

“Suck it up,” yells Whoopi Goldberg, “and do what we did for the past four years.”

What? Go around with bloody, severed-head effigies of Biden? Scream F-bombs against Biden at the Academy Awards?

When Whoopi noted that Nick Sandman was falsely accused of harassing a Native American while wearing a MAGA hat, she wondered why the media rushed to trash the teen before the full video showed how the event truly played out.

“Because,” Joy Behar asserted, “we’re desperate to get Trump out of office.”

And that’s how those four years played out. 

Judging from the recent actions of Trump supporters, I trust that, when we have a political grievance, we’ll handle it the old-fashioned way like we did on Nov. 14 when tens of thousands of us demonstrated peacefully in support of President Trump. Note, that, in contrast to other demonstrations that got out of hand this summer, no businesses were burned or looted.

Voters who don’t like Trump seem unable to comprehend, let alone understand those who do. They can’t see the appeal as they rattle off litanies of shortcomings they see in the man. They don’t understand how Trump can appeal to us Trumpsters.

It’s simple. When your house is on fire, you don’t canvass the fire department for the smoothest talker blinding you with his Polident smile. You want the man who knows how to put out the fire. When your job has been shipped to China, you want the guy who will bring it back. Trump made that happen. Even those jobs lost due to COVID-19 were coming back.

Speaking of the plague, I saw an interesting meme posted on Facebook. Created by, it noted that “a virus (is) going around the world and people are still fighting to take God out of everything.”

It was posted by a person I know to be a never-Trumper who voted for Biden and is also a devout Catholic. In the comment section, she noted that the COVID cases were increasing and wondered if, indeed, a plague was being visited on us by God. I wasn’t so much intrigued by her question as I was about her confusion. As a good Catholic she surely must have gotten the memo about how God doesn’t like abortion. Did she not get the one that says Biden is pro-abortion?

Oh well. There’s an ancient Chinese curse that goes: "May you live in interesting times.”

I have a feeling we will.

Community Editorial Board member Romaine Worster lives in Greensboro with her wickedly funny and brilliant husband. Contact her at

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