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Bottom Line: No, America is not a racist country

Bottom Line: No, America is not a racist country

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The recent Bottom Line, “Yes, America is a racist country” (Sept. 23) — citing rare instances of individual racist actions — is missing the point.

These public instances are events that are very rare in the course of our daily activities and experiences. Those who say America is a racist nation (equating gerrymandering with slavery) are in the same company as Attorney General William Barr, who equates quarantining during this pandemic with slavery. They are both equally offensive.

There is no “systemic” racism in America. Shame on those hateful individuals who try to promote this outrageous idea.

The writer of that Bottom Line should take the time to learn some history and use a dictionary. “Systemic” racism means the systems of our country are racist. This is outrageous and offensive to the generations of brave civil rights activists who risked their lives for equality under the law to succeed in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which has successfully outlawed “systemic” or “institutional” racism.

It simply doesn’t exist anymore — although you cannot legislate away individual acts of hate, racism or any type of prejudice. Stupid is as stupid does.

The writer also is in good company with her apparent soulmate President Trump. The president can proclaim over and over that the pandemic is going away. It is actually getting worse. The writer and her like can proclaim over and over we are a racist country. That doesn’t make it true. We are not.

There are racist individuals who perform unique and group acts of racism but fortunately they are a small, though sometimes vocal, minority within our country. Fortunately, we are a nation of laws and these very few racists are not able to institutionalize their prejudices and racism.

Shame on those who try to promote this outrageous and offensive idea that there is “systemic” racism in America.

It is a fact: America is not a racist country and “systemic” racism has not existed for two generations.

The writer lives in Greensboro.

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