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We finally have a brand-new very old president!

— Samantha Bee

It was a bright sunny day in Washington, and now we have a president who knows not to stare directly at the sun.

— Jimmy Fallon

Wow, all right. So that’s what it feels like when you’re not grinding your teeth. I forgot, and I think — yeah, I can see colors again.

— Seth Meyers

I do like how (Trump) said he’ll "be back in some form," because my man knows you gotta leave on a cliffhanger.

— Trevor Noah

That’s ominous. What form? A Demogorgon? A Horcrux? Maybe he’ll come back as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

— Jimmy Kimmel

OK, well at least he made it sound as creepy as possible.

— James Corden

Yeah, it was Biden’s first full day. I’m sure part of him was like, "Just to mess with everyone, I should go golfing.”

— Jimmy Fallon

Joe Biden was one of the most beloved supporting characters from the Obama administration, and now he’s got his own show. Basically, this is the "Frasier" of presidencies.

— Jimmy Kimmel

Joe Biden is so lucky. All he has to do is have a vaccine plan and not lie for 10 minutes and he’s basically, what, the next George Washington?

— Trevor Noah

As part of Biden’s new COVID strategy, he’s launching the "100 days masking challenge." Biden’s smart. he knows that he can get Americans to do anything if he makes it sound like a TikTok challenge.

— Jimmy Fallon

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