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Robin Adams Cheeley: I’m just tired of being tired

Robin Adams Cheeley: I’m just tired of being tired

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I’m. Tired.

I’m tired that a report released last week that the race of a newborn’s doctor can improve his life chances was all but overlooked. A George Mason University professor and his colleagues examined the data for 1.8 million births in Florida from 1992 to 2015. They looked at the ethnicity of the mother, child and physician in charge of their care.

What they found was that Black babies cared for by Black physicians had a 39-58% lower death rate than those cared for by white physicians. This, combined with research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a Black, American Indian or Alaska Native woman is two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related issues than a white woman. Part of the problem, they said, is that health care facilities need to examine implicit bias and improve the patient and doctor interaction and health communication.

I’m tired that Nimrata Randhawa, alias Nikki Haley, announced during the Republican National Convention that although it’s “fashionable” for liberals to say so, America is not a racist country. This is a woman who uses her middle name presumably because it sounds more “white.”

Research and evidence have shown that name discrimination, especially for those that sound ethnic, is real. As such, people who whiten and scrub their resumes to remove obvious minority-sounding names, like Nimrata, or organizations and scholarships that indicate race are more likely to get a call-back for a job they are qualified for.

Nimrata says she goes by Nikki because that’s her middle name. She’s not a dumb woman; she knows what she’s doing.

I’m tried that white evangelical Christians, who’ve claimed they are the county’s moral sentry, barely blinked when one of their leaders, Jerry Falwell Jr., and his wife were disgraced because of a threesome with a former pool boy. They had already lost points by supporting a thrice-married, twice-divorced, chronic adulterer who brags that he like to “grab 'em by the p----,” for president.

How can you not speak up about this issue? Shouldn’t your measuring stick for who you support be broadened beyond who does or does not support abortion? So, I can say I’ll ban all abortions and break all other moral codes and still get your support? And you wonder why church attendance is down.

I’m tired that after over six months of being told to social distance and wear a mask, that a Black holiness church in Martinsville, Va., has become a coronavirus ganglion.

The pastor of Greater New Bethel Holiness Church died last weekend, presumably from COVID-19. Another 59 members of the congregation have tested positive and 15 members have been hospitalized with COVID-19, said the health department, because they continued to meet without wearing masks.

Sorry for your loss, but there are plenty of Scriptures on disobedience.

I’m tired that, even after dozens and dozens of viral videos, elected and appointed officials continue to be caught on tape saying racist things. The latest culprit is a sheriff in Arkansas who berated his child’s mother because she had the nerve, grab your pearls now, to speak to a Black man in a grocery store. He went on a racial rant that was recorded and shared.

And he’s now unemployed.

Well, at least he’s still getting paid and will probably find another job in a neighboring town. It tires me out that these people are dumb enough to get caught on tape doing stupid, racist things, but then continue to find other employment.

I’m tired of ministers and other Black leaders who now have something to say because Cardi B and Megan Thee  Stallion made a song about a female sex organ. That’s what male rappers do all the time. Have you been as outraged over their lyrics? When did you publicly flog R. Kelly or Bill Cosby? Stop. You’re tiring me out.

I’m tired that I have to continue to explain racism or offer pardons for past racism to my white friends or acquaintances. I’m 62 years old and I can’t do this anymore. I know racism when I see it, so stop asking me if maybe it was something else.

I’m tired of hearing people say that if Black men would only comply with the police there wouldn’t be any problems. Some of these same people won’t even comply and wear a mask. So enough with your advice.

I’m tired that every morning I wake to another shooting by the police or young Black men shooting each other.

I’m tired that, despite attempts to make the best of a bad situation, parents aren’t doing their part to make sure their children are getting online. A Charlotte newspaper reported that a high school student without household internet was given a wireless hotspot device twice and twice lost it.

I’m so tired, that in the words of Marvelous Marvin Gaye, “it makes me wanna holler, and throw up both my hands.”

But Nov. 3 will come and I will muster the strength to vote.

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