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Sen. Thom Tillis: Media were unfair and inaccurate in stories about military funds for the border wall

Sen. Thom Tillis: Media were unfair and inaccurate in stories about military funds for the border wall

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Editorial boards and media outlets are criticizing President Trump and me for supporting the national emergency to take decisive action to address the crisis at our border.

But while it may be the prerogative for media to espouse a liberal bias in order to score cheap points against President Trump and me at every opportunity, that doesn’t entitle them to their own facts. The common theme is that these outlets declined to do some basic fact-checking in advance, and they never bothered to reach out to my office to get my side of the story.

 So here are the facts.

The claim that “$80 million” in projects in North Carolina would be impacted simply isn’t accurate given the egregiously false claim that it would negatively impact an elementary school at Fort Bragg. What many liberal outlets conveniently don’t mention is that the $33 million project at Fort Bragg was already canceled back in 2016,when the military decided it was no longer needed. What the Department of Defense did was look at taxpayer dollars that we were no longer being used and allocate them to where they are needed.

 The liberal media also neglect to mention that none of the remaining projects are set to begin until 2020, which means Congress has plenty of time to re-allocate funding.

 I’ve taken action to do just that.

The National Defense Authorization Act, which passed the Senate in June with overwhelming bipartisan support, anticipated potential shifts in funding to build the wall and secure the border, so it backfills the money that is set to be spent in North Carolina. That means that when it comes to projects getting their scheduled money for 2020, the ball is in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s court. If the projects are impacted, it will be because House Democrats play partisan politics.

 And it wouldn’t be the first time.

 Earlier this year, the same Democrats who voted for physical barriers in the past refused to give President Trump even one dollar for the wall. They called the crisis at the border manufactured, only to backtrack weeks later when rising numbers of migrant apprehensions made it clear they had no ground to stand on.

As I said at the time of his emergency declaration, the president was left with no choice but to act. And as Democrats in the Senate plan on renewing their efforts to overturn President Trump’s initiative, I will continue to stand by him.

I will do so because Democrats have zero intention of working with us on securing the border and keeping our country safe. Instead, they want to make matters worse, and cast aside the rule of law and decriminalize illegal border crossings in order to appease their left wing base.

Liberals would like you to believe that there is a false choice when it comes to securing our border and adequately funding military our projects in the state of North Carolina. I have acted to do both, and claiming otherwise is a sorry attempt by Democrats to use our men and women in uniform as pawns to distract North Carolinians from their open borders immigration stances.

A lesson here is that while liberal media outlets can always be counted on to slam President Trump and Republicans at every opportunity in order to pave the way for Democratic attacks, they can’t always be counted on to base their reporting on the facts.

Thom Tillis is a U.S. senator from North Carolina.


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