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Friday's letters, June 10, 2022

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Tucker Carlson (copy) (copy)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explores masculinity, or the loss thereof, in a new documentary.

Fox covers eyes

Today, I watched C-SPAN for the first time. I listened as witnesses testified before the congressional committee on gun violence.

I was blessed to live in a different America and to be raised on a farm. We had firearms for hunting, and we respected their horrific power. We never had to think about gun violence. Unlike today, violence wasn’t a norm in our world.

The testimonies about Uvalde and Buffalo brought the full horror of what happened there into my conscience, and it won’t go away. I also recorded the Jan. 6 hearings. I learned that all networks except Fox would carry them.

For more than six years we’ve heard the words “fake news.” What about censored news? No Fox viewers can see the broadcasts on their favorite channel. However, many of Fox’s demographic wouldn’t watch anyway: “Who cares?”

Ignoring recent carnage and Jan. 6, 2021, threatens our very democracy. I pray that God will deliver us from autocracy. I pray the events in Washington, Uvalde, Buffalo and countless other places will evoke compassion and lead our country to freedom from the bondage of our baser instincts.

But I’m not holding my breath.

Bill Shore


Are you kidding?

I had to laugh when I read the letter that compared the Republican Party to a drug cartel! That seems strange, as it is the current Democratic administration that has pretty much opened the borders, giving the drug cartels free rein in smuggling drugs across the border. And it’s the current administration’s soft policy on China that allows the fentanyl to flow from there, killing so many Americans.

Of course, the same writer says it’s the conservative media that has distorted the challenges that face our nation. Actually, gas is really high, inflation is a huge tax on Americans and there is a severe baby formula shortage.

I don’t think conservative writers have made up those problems. And finally, this letter writer says these same things challenge our democracy.

Yes, the favorite term of the Democrats to label anyone who dares to wonder about the election. Perhaps the writer is unaware that a prominent Democrat said the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 Georgia governor’s election were “stolen” by Donald Trump and Brian Kemp. Was this “fringe” person “threatening democracy” with her claims?

I don’t know, but I do know this same fringe Democrat is now Joe Biden’s press secretary.

Fred Pearlman


Get off your butts

Second Amendment acolytes will tell you that background checks don’t work. That such checks only reveal if someone has a criminal or violent history, or mental health issues. And what good does that do?

Apparently, nothing good ... if you believe the rhetoric of gun-loving Republicans.

“A well regulated militia” is a phrase that some people think should be ignored when dealing with gun safety. Those people think it means “no regulation of any kind.” They claim that gun safety advocates want to confiscate guns. That is not the case, but people believe what they want to believe. Hence, we have no universal background checks, and 18-year-old kids can buy semi-automatic weapons that literally destroy human bodies.

And more children die. I think that Texas Sens. Cruz and Cornyn, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Gov. Greg Abbott should be locked in a room with copies of the crime scene photos from the recent Texas shooting. It might not be justice, but it might persuade these so-called gentlemen to get off their butts and do something to keep bad people from obtaining weapons of war.

Jody McGhee

High Point

Speak up

Kathy Manning was the only local elected official to go on TV and talk about the need for gun safety measures. Why is that? Where are the rest of you?

Nobody’s trying to take away your hunting rifles but, civilians do not need military-style weapons.

Judith Hyman


How to stop him

Do we really need an AR-15 assault rifle for self-defense? Has the NRA worn out the saying, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”?

We obviously have seen that this is not true. That saying should go: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to make it impossible for him to purchase an assault rifle.”

The real good guys are angry and frustrated over the many mass killings in our country using assault weapons. In our wildest imaginations can we truly picture a teacher with a gun taking down a guy with an assault rifle before he kills most of that teacher’s students? The is insanely stupid.

The best way to stop a bad guy with an assault rifle is to subtract the assault rifle. Take it off the market and remove its availability to the public.

Congressmen and women who oppose taking assault rifles off the market should be forced to look at the mangled bodies and unrecognizable faces of children shot and killed with these weapons.

This is the reality of mass killings.

Jody Sutlive



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