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Friday's letters
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Friday's letters

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Please let me me see ‘Wicked’ safely

Dear Tanger Center management:

It’s great that 93% of Tanger Center subscribers reported that they were fully vaccinated. However, I am concerned about the 7% of Tanger subscribers (1,218) who are not. Do I want an unvaccinated person sitting next to or near me during a performance? Possibly not wearing their mask properly? Possibly infected with the delta or the newer mu variant? NO.

I want to see “Wicked” at the Tanger Center. Do I care what they are doing in Charlotte? Again, the answer is no.

We should be emulating what the Durham Performing Arts Center and the Carolina Theatre are doing by mandating vaccination (or proof of negative testing). On Broadway in New York City, vaccination is required to attend performances.

Only 59% of Guilford County residents are fully vaccinated.

Maybe the Guilford County Board of Commissioners should weigh in on this issue?

Maybe the director of Guilford County Health Department could comment?

Maybe Dr. Brent McQuaid, lead COVID-19 physician at Cone Health, could as well?

I would hate for any Tanger Center subscriber to end up needing COVID-19 care in a Cone Health ICU.

Robert Cannon


Student loan debt

The state budget of North Carolina is $46 billion. North Carolinians owe $58 billion in student loan debt.

I really wish you would report on this fact. North Carolinians deserve to know that student debt in the state (mostly federal) exceeds the entire state budget. This is enough debt to buy every farm in the state and still have $15 billion left over.

North Carolina is one of the worst states in the nation by this metric.

This is outrageous and unacceptable.

Representatives like Virginia Foxx, Ted Budd and Madison Cawthorn fight tooth and nail to defend the federal student loan system. They need to be put on the spot about this. This is not conservative.

Derek Williams


Demagogic Trump

Donald Trump diabolically refuses to concede the 2020 presidential election. He alleges widespread voter fraud while knowing that’s a lie.

Like many dictators, former President Trump continually undermined the rule of law and called the press the enemy. He rejected congressional oversight, and oversight by a free press and by the people, and most Republican officials supported his actions.

Trump doesn’t want the 2020 presidential election to count. He outrageously alleged rampant voter fraud and wants swing states to decertify Biden’s election, based on absurd audits of ballots.

Demagogic Trump is the antithesis of democracy. Sadly, Republican senators and congressmen willingly have joined him in trying to corrupt our democracy, merely to gain political power in order to execute their policies.

Their corrupt behavior has created widespread mistrust of our elections and our government. Thus far, our institutions have held.

But as we yawn and accept Trump’s and the Republican Party’s lies and all the wrongdoing, we slowly extinguish the fire of democracy. Only emphatic and widespread acceptance of President Biden’s election and the democratic process that elected him will keep that flame burning.

Gary Parker


U.S. and Haiti

People watching the mistreatment of Haitian refugees at the hands of the United States Border Patrol might assume that the U.S. owes Haiti nothing. They would be wrong.

It was the success of the Haitian slave revolt against France that led Napoleon to agree to the Louisiana Purchase with Thomas Jefferson in 1803, nearly doubling the size of this country.

The United States, fearing that the revolt of slaves might spread here, responded with colossal ingratitude, keeping its financial foot on Haiti’s neck, making it impossible for the Haitians to form a functioning government and setting Haiti on course to being one of the poorest countries in the world today.

Joseph C. McCutchen


Pitts is ... right?

Hell must have just frozen over. And a flock of pigs just flew over my house. How do I know this? Because I finally agreed (granted, not wholeheartedly) with … Leonard Pitts (“Goodbye and good riddance. See ya,” Sept. 27).

Those refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and who are now mandated by the central government to do so, complain that this mandate has destroyed our “freedoms,” our freedom of choice. In case you haven’t noticed, fellow conservatives, we sorta voluntarily relinquished many of our freedoms to government decades ago ... e.g., paying taxes, “contributing” to Social Security, being drafted into the military, other immunizations, not screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater, etc., all “for the common good.”

Agreed, there are times to resist even more control of our lives, the not-so-creeping invasion of socialism into our government, but this ain’t it!

One suggestion to Pitts, if I may: Had I, like you, sympathized with the BLM/antifa crowd, while they burned, looted and rioted in the streets for a year, I would be very reluctant to throw the “anarchy” stone at those opposing involuntary vaccinations.

Bottom line: Whatever your political inclination, listen to reason, not emotion, and get the COVID shots. In this case, fellow travelers, “The principle of the thing” is a weak reed to lean on.

Clyde Hunt Jr.



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