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Friday's letters

Friday's letters

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A key upgrade 

I have to say a few special words about the new Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. Wonderfully, I was offered two tickets to see "The Music of Billy Joel" on Friday night. The center lives up to the hype, beautiful inside and out, great sound, excellent sight lines. Food and alcohol were delicious.

The most important thing happened at intermission. You know, that short space of time where you have to run to the bathroom, wait in line with the other numerous females, tend to nature and rush back to you seat, hopefully before the entertainment begins.

This intermission was made more difficult due to the fact I had no idea where the bathrooms were! As I rushed out, everyone was going to the center. I took a hard right and immediately saw a number staff members. These wonderful women, recognizing my look of panic and floating eyes, pointed in the direction to go. In my dash, I ran by other staff (men this time) and they too pointed to the exact location. There was no wait and I even had time to purchase another drink.

My thanks to the center. We finally have an excellent venue with enough bathrooms for the women!

Mebane Ham


Trump's role

I would like to remind the writer of the Sept. 8 letter, "Incompetence,"  that then-President Trump is the one who made the incompetent deal that was signed, sealed and delivered to the Taliban to remove our troops from Afghanistan, not President Biden.

It was incompetent Trump who conceded "the battlefield to a very vicious and cruel adversary ... the antithesis of freedom" that "will do whatever it takes to disrupt our American way of life."

President Biden inherited Trump's folly. But even with this historical reminder of which "incompetent" one cut the deal, the writer will likely just find another way to take the blame off Trump. The letter writer calls for competence, so he should take a look at the incompetence that Trump put into motion with the Taliban and then perhaps review the definitions.

N.B. Carroll


Priority patients

This letter is in response to “Change priorities" (Sept. 2). It presents the idea of prioritizing hospital services for vaccinated ahead of unvaccinated. Although at first glance this seems like a reasonable position, this is contrary to the Hippocratic oath.

Think of it this way: Should we prioritize non-smokers over smokers? Prioritize sober over drinkers? Prioritize thin over obese? All of these conditions are the result of decisions people are making in their life. We can’t allow the prioritization of vaccinated over unvaccinated for medical services.

Joey Harding


Is that it?

The News & Record's Labor Day e-edition was a joke: eight pages, necessarily omitting several areas we check daily. The “help” line person said this was not a mistake, just some reduction in content because of the holiday.

Previous holiday editions have not seen this diminution. Is this what we can expect in the future?

Douglas Campbell


Choose Home
Care Act

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, home health has become increasingly important for America's Medicare beneficiaries. Upon being released from the hospital, many older Americans prefer to continue recovering in the comfort of their own homes. To help meet the growing demand for home-based care options, Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Todd Young (R-Ind.) recently introduced the bipartisan Choose Home Care Act.

If passed, the bill would establish a new patient-centered home health option called Choose Home to help meet seniors' comprehensive needs. Choose Home will allow eligible beneficiaries to receive skilled nursing and therapy services in the home with expanded personal care services, including continuous remote patient monitoring, meals and transportation. It would also provide support, training and education for family caregivers. Moreover, Choose Home has the potential to create significant savings for taxpayers and the Medicare program. 

Home health is critical for older Americans and will continue to grow in importance as America's population ages. I urge lawmakers in Congress to support the bipartisan Choose Home Care Act.

Consuelo Brown



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