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Friday's letters
Letters to the EditorLETTERS TO THE EDITOR

Friday's letters

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A tax injustice

Duke Energy paid no federal taxes in the last three years while generating profits of $7.9 billion. In 2019, 41% of U.S. government revenue came from individuals but only 3.9% from corporations. The IRS admits its agents don’t have the knowledge or skills to audit “complex” tax returns.

Let’s step back in time to look at a similar situation. During the late 1960s into the early ‘70s, Congress discovered that some individual taxpayers, due to loopholes, paid no federal tax.

To prevent future perceived abuse by high-income earners, in 1979 they signed into law the Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT), which required taxpayers to calculate taxes twice with a second formula designed to reduce or eliminate some loopholes and then pay the higher amount.

Creating an equitable corporate tax code will take years but allowing 55 of the largest U.S. companies to continue paying no taxes during an effort to rebuild America will generate more debt for future generations, which our children and grandchildren will have to pay. Instead of allowing years to pass arguing the merits of tax modifications, how about an AMT policy for corporations now?

Bruce Bower


Evangelical hypocrisy

I read with interest the article “Vaccine doubts run deep among white evangelicals” on the April 7 News & Record front page.

It seems to me that these white evangelicals are living to die.

God gave them beautiful lives on this beautiful planet that is so unique in our universe. So why are they wasting their precious time on Earth dreaming of eternity?

Shouldn’t they be striving to enjoy their precious lives and helping others to enjoy theirs? Shouldn’t they be supporting good causes in this life and respecting the dignity of all human beings?

Not getting vaccinated is not respecting their or other people’s lives. Shouldn’t they be doing everything they can to respect this life they were given and promote life and love God, their fellow man and their country?

It’s hypocrisy, plain and simple.

I know true Christians who live joyful and contributing lives. These white evangelicals who refuse the vaccine slander their lives, the lives of their fellow man and the beautiful religion of Christianity.

Lisa Fullington


Lies about Georgia

Shame! Biden’s lies about voter law cost Georgia baseball’s All-Star Game. President Biden and his press secretary continued to make false claims about Georgia’s voting law even after they were debunked. Major League Baseball has announced that it is pulling the game from Atlanta (51% Black) and moving it Denver (9.8% Black).

Biden has repeated so many lies about the Georgia laws that The Washington Post awarded him Four Pinocchios, especially the canard about voting hours. Biden claims that the polls in Georgia close at 5 p.m. Either he is stupid or more likely deliberately lying (polls close at 7 p.m.).

As for MLB, Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, a pox on all your houses.

You need a driver’s license to do most anything in this country today. Having to show photo ID to vote is no burden. Calling this law “Jim Crow on steroids” is just insane.

Biden claims that the law makes it a crime to provide water to anyone standing in line to vote. This section from the law itself blunts that deception: “This Code section shall not be construed to prohibit a poll officer from … making available self-service water from an unattended receptacle to an elector waiting in line to vote.”

Fred Gregory


If the joke fits ...

Virtually all forms of humor are an exaggeration of reality and the awkward truths and foibles that face us every day. Though one may fail to see the humor in a political cartoon, or be offended by it, in the end the cartoonist met his or her objective irrespective of whether the reader smiled or groaned.

Unfortunately, the “grievance-obsessed” faction of the GOP provides a never-ending stream of material for the scathing opening monologues of late night talk shows and political cartoonists. Though dissent is an essential component of democratic governance, for the GOP dissent and grievance have become an end unto itself.

Those proud members of the Party of Lincoln who are outraged by being lumped into these “deplorable” caricatures bring to mind when Curly of “The Three Stooges” indignantly responded to an insult by saying: “I resemble that remark!”

Perhaps it’s time for principled Republicans to examine their leadership’s resemblance to, rather their resentment of, all this humor. Indeed.

Howard Becker


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