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Friday's letters

Friday's letters

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Experts: Capitol riot product of years of hateful rhetoric

Supporters of President Donald Trump are confronted by U.S. Capitol Police officers outside the Senate Chamber inside the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

Impeach Trump

What I saw Wednesday was a vulnerable and weak country unable to conduct the people's business.

The ignorant pro-Trump cult and mob showed Russia, North Korea, Turkey, Iran and other enemies of the United States that we are unable to defend our Capitol.

This weakening is attributable to enabling Republican politicians who refuse to tell their supporters the truth due to their greed and hunger for power.

Also to blame is Fox News, which spews lies and ridiculous conspiracy theories from reporters seeking the limelight.

Trump supporters follow the velvet rut of fake news and lies, rather than finding legitimate news outlets, because it's easy entertainment. They are gullible beyond belief and the rich have them so enthralled with self-serving propaganda (such as trickle-down economics) that they vote against their own interests and their children's best interests.

Impeach Donald Trump now. What discussion is needed?

Exhibit 1: Just roll the video of his seditious speech and his gullible mob attacking our Capitol.

Exhibit 2: There has been no response by the Trump administration to Russia's cyber attack.

Exhibit 3: Trump's call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was shameless.

Exhibit 4: Trump made quid pro quo threats to Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political enemy.

Need I go on?

Lisa Fullington


Trump's fault

President Trump turned a largely peaceful crowd of his followers at Wednesday's rally at the White House into a mob. The pro-Trump mob then stormed the United States Capitol, broke windows and climbed through them to enter the Capitol rotunda, and forced senators and congressmen to shelter in place.

These people threatened the lives of police and the people's elected representatives. Four people died in the melee. Trump called them patriots. No, many were a mob of rioters, if not terrorists.

After hours of watching, Trump addressed the chaos by saying, "This election was stolen from us. But go home. Remember this day forever!" Nice ...

All Trump had to do to avoid this violence was concede weeks ago. And never say that the election was stolen, and that he actually had won. He knew that to be untrue, and that it was a fair election — and that by claiming otherwise, it was likely to lead to violence. That was his goal.

Many of Trump's angry followers misguidedly thought they were standing up for democracy because Trump lied to them about the election, but, in reality, it was an attack on democracy. An attack on democracy led by our own president.

Gary Parker


This is insane

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over — but expecting different results.”

This definition fits very well the actions taken by Gov. Cooper over the past 10 months. He keeps doing the same thing over and over, and he keeps expecting different results.

Cooper's shutdown orders are causing thousands of small businesses to close, and many permanently — putting millions of North Carolinians out of work. Cooper keeps flip-flopping back and forth from phase to phase to phase, all built around closing businesses and churches — and forcing people to stay home and not mingle with family and friends.

Cooper’s other “answer”: “Wear your face mask. Watch your distance  Wash your hands often.”

Again, this continuous “answer” is insane, because most citizens have been following his orders for 10 months — and Cooper keeps expecting different results.

Cooper continues to imprison our citizens because he enjoys the power of being a dictator. He doesn’t consult with the members of the General Assembly, or the members of the Council of State — because both institutions are majority-Republican.

What is Gov. Cooper hiding?

Wayne Ford


Snail mail

Donald Trump and his appointee, Louis DeJoy, have destroyed the post office.

Example 1: We ordered a calendar as a gift. UPS got it from Minnesota to Greensboro. According to a post office tracking record, it was handed over to the Postal Service on Dec. 10 here in Greensboro. The next day, it was sent to Fredericksburg, Va.! Since then it has gone to Wilmington, Del., and Philadelphia, where it still was on Dec. 29.

Example 2: On Dec. 15 we mailed over a hundred holiday cards, some to Greensboro, some to other places in North Carolina, and some all over the United States. To our knowledge, as of Saturday, Dec. 26, not one of them had been delivered, not even the Greensboro cards. One Greensboro card was finally delivered today, to a neighbor two houses down. It took two weeks to arrive from the Greensboro post office, where we mailed it, to a Greensboro address!

I have no idea to whom to send a complaint. The current administration wants the post office to function badly, and as far as I can tell, nobody in office or coming into office gives a tinker's damn.

Samuel B. Johnson


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