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Friday's letters

Friday's letters

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School IDs: Racist?

This is outrageous! Guilford County Schools will now require an ID to enter a school building (“ID card scanners coming to schools,” June 10). This is an obviously xenophobic and racist new policy — isn’t it?

Sure, we already have to show an ID to rent a car, buy a cellphone, fly on a plane, open a bank account, check into a hotel, enter most government buildings, buy tobacco, get married, buy a beer at a baseball game (even at 56), cash a check, rent snow skis, pick up a prescription or get tickets from will call.

At least we still have that last bastion of freedom called the voting booth. This is a safe place where everyone is welcome. No ID required. Roughly half of our elected officials are loudly fighting to keep it that way. They proclaim that showing an ID before voting is a form of oppression.

Why do they not feel the same way in regard to the ID requirements for our myriad of other activities?

If requiring an ID to enter our schools will improve them, and it probably will, doesn’t it seem to reason that the same would apply to our voting booths?

Frank Hall Jr.


Poor babies

So columnist Cal Thomas thinks we’d be better served by a commission to investigate what made those folks so darned angry on Jan. 6 that they just had to attack and ransack our Capitol building, leaving one policeman dead and dozens injured (“The commission we really need,” June 3).

Seems they’re upset about not having their voices heard, poor babies, about restoring our country to what the Founding Fathers wanted and that kind of thing, Thomas suggests.

Yet I can remember when conservative voices like his stood for taking strong personal responsibility for one’s actions, not looking to the “nanny state” to attend to your needs or fortune. Man has free will, Ayn Rand told us — the ability to think, to use reason, to go by facts, not by feelings.

Here Cal tells us, though, that we need to understand the depth of their feelings, these ill-tempered rioters — and for this we need a government commission.

To see conservatism turned on its head like this must have Ms. Rand turning in her grave is all I can think.

William Yaner


Child care solution

Regarding the editorial “For the workers” (June 6):

Here we go again. More irresponsibility from the left. You praise (and quote) our social Democrat governor (“We’re talking about potential employment bonuses” and “This pandemic has hit a lot of folks hard” and “Let’s invest in child care”). All pie-in-the sky, utopian dreams — more promises from the left, to be financed by others.

“Access to ‘child care’ was a big problem before the pandemic hit.” Liberals, what am I missing here? Parents are the solution to the “problem” of “child care,” not taxpayers! Who decided that I am responsible for the “child care” of others’ children? A socialist government, that’s who! Hello, America!

It’s really not that difficult to understand. Don’t produce children until you can (or see great opportunities that you can) support them, yourselves! If you can’t support or don’t want babies, don’t have them.

Civilized people should understand this very simple fact of life. Why don’t liberal/progressive/leftists?

Clyde Hunt Jr.


Where’s the news?

Thanks, News & Record! I almost didn’t find today’s paper (June 5) because it was so tiny! Then I read the entire 16 pages in less than 10 minutes. It is no wonder that newspapers are failing. There is no news in the newspapers!

That is incorrect. There is plenty of local news to report if News & Record would send reporters out to collect the report! I noticed that a few days ago several of the articles were copied from Raleigh’s newspaper. You resort to news from other cities.

Surely a city the size of Greensboro has many interesting events, businesses, individuals and activities that would be of interest to readers. Give me a call. I have a wonderful story about a local nonprofit that serves a little-known segment of the Guilford County community. It is a wonderful place! People would love the story.

Karen Price



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