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Friday's letters

Friday's letters

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She didn’t really mean it, folks

Sidney Powell, one of Donald Trump’s “election fraud” attorneys, admitted in court filings recently that the “stolen election” allegation was an obvious scam because “no reasonable person” would conclude that Trump’s allegations of an election-rigging scheme “were truly statements of fact.”

Conservative friends, she is talking about you.

I saw Trump supporters promote the Big Lie for months after the election, convinced by their Dear Leader that the election was stolen. Letters to the editor belittled anyone who disagreed. Realists were naïve or worse, part of the international conspiracy. Thousands of seditionists on Jan. 6 who killed Brian Sicknick and injured police, believed it as well. The Trump Party in 24 states, including North Carolina, is still using the “stolen election” scam to propose laws that disenfranchise voters.

Trump claimed the Big Lie again recently on Trump TV (Fox News). He is still claiming he won the election.

He is saying to us: Don’t believe my attorney; my own words; Mitch McConnell; Liz Cheney; Mitt Romney; 40 state, federal and Supreme Court judges; federal authorities; or even the videos themselves. Believe me now!

Blind obedience. That’s why it’s called cult behavior!

Brad Schamp


For the people

As persistent, though unsuccessful, as Donald Trump was about attempting to overturn the 2020 election, he and his minions — particularly in the U.S. Senate — continue the lies about election fraud (no proof exists). Republicans seem to be scrambling to “fix” a system that isn’t broken. Even they acknowledged the results were valid at the time.

Georgia and other states’ Republicans are attempting to pass massive voting-law revisions. They are choosing voter suppression to improve their chances. Shouldn’t we strive for record participation from all registered voters in free elections? If one party must cheat to win, what does that say about its ethics and, indeed, its longevity? If you have to stack the deck, just get out of the game!

It’s time to enact basic guidelines for elections in all states. HR 1 (the For the People Act) which is being discussed in Congress now, will go a long way toward reducing the influence of money in politics, reducing gerrymandering and creating new ethics rules for federal officeholders.

These positive changes are long overdue.

Miriam Hamill


Straight F’s

So, as Geriatric Joe nears his first 100 days, let’s grade his performance.

1. The economy: F. His executive order terminated thousands of jobs that would have been created by the Keystone XL Pipeline.

2. Border security: F. Not only did he stop the border wall, but his dangerous open-door policy is encouraging thousands of undocumented immigrants to enter our country illegally.

3. Gender policies: F. If you’re a transgender female athlete, you can compete against females and even use their gym facilities.

4. Taxes: F. Buckle up. Taxes are going to rise. Who do you think is paying for his bailouts and “progressive” programs? If you really believe it’s only going to penalize those making $400,000 or more, then you need to take Economy 101.

So, Democrats, you voted for a man who does not have the mental capacity to conduct a news conference without sheets of notes, but he is dignified and doesn’t send mean tweets. Hope you enjoy it as he destroys America.

James Wiggins


How many more?

Littleton, Colo., Aurora, Colo., Newtown, Conn., Parkland, Fla., Atlanta, Boulder, Colo., and now Orange, Calif. ... the list goes on and on.

Still, what will politicians do? Nothing. Not one thing!

We need better gun laws. Now!

Rita Wilson


Gentle giants

It’s a whale of a sighting!

Two weeks ago, an aerial survey team from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium spotted a North Atlantic right whale mother and her newly born calf off the coast of Lea-Hutaff Island here in North Carolina, in Pender County near the New Hanover County line.

It’s a big deal, folks. Only around 360 of these gentle giants remain in the world, and they could go extinct in our lifetimes.

Even a single human-caused death in a year threatens this species’ chances of survival, which is why we all must give them their space. We must do more for these rare whales, like requiring vessels to slow down and reducing the amount of fishing gear in their habitats. If we fail, this will be the first large whale species to go extinct in the Atlantic Ocean for centuries, and it will have been on our watch.

We are better than this. The government has the responsibility to strengthen protections for North Atlantic right whales and prevent their extinction. North Carolina, join me in demanding our government to take action before it’s too late. Visit for more information.

Randy Sturgill


The writer is senior campaign organizer for Oceana in Wilmington.

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