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Friday's letters

Friday's letters

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Dems’ tax hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is the only way to describe the House Democrats’ most recent addition to the Build Back Better bill: a dramatic increase in the income tax deduction for state and local taxes, which was set at $10,000 in 2017.

They will raise the limit to $72,500 a year for the next 10 years, a move that only benefits high-income and high-value property owners/voters in Democratically run, high-tax states (California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Connecticut). Independent analysts project a resulting $291 billion revenue loss just through 2025.

It’s one more falsehood in a $3 trillion bill that will “cost nothing,” “lower consumer costs” and “reduce deficits.”

I’m wondering if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will wear her “Tax the Rich” gala gown when voting for this cynical provision.

Another analysis shows that passage of the BBB plan would send the combined total U.S. tax rate to 57.4%, the highest in the developed world, ahead even of the social democracies Denmark and Sweden.

John Englar


Children and race

Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column “How young is too young to teach white kids about race” (Nov. 18) contains heartbreaking examples of behavior that must change. Yet these stories must be told, just as teaching about the Holocaust was necessary to bring worldwide change after the war.

Yes, there was shame, but corrections followed and produced better people. And yes, our ugly behavior must be told, too, producing shame, so we become better human beings.

More change is coming; people from around the world are migrating because lack of water threatens food supplies, producing economic insecurity that incites violence.

Many of them will come to America, forced to start new lives. We must become more tolerant, able to accept all with their differences.

Let’s start with children, who will see them in school, read picture books showing little people who might look different and speak another language, explaining that below the skin we’re all the same. Speak up to produce a curriculum that examines right and wrong past behaviors, understanding what we learned and why the lessons are important.

Remember, unless you’re a Native American, your ancestors came from somewhere else and most were discriminated against.

Bruce Bower



Regarding the letter : “It’s only fair” (Nov. 16):

“Redistricting” becomes “gerrymandering” when the districts are drawn to ensure that a particular political party unfairly wins an election. There is nothing “fair” about it! As stated by the writer, both Democrats and Republicans have been guilty of the practice over the years. Where the letter writer goes wrong is that two wrongs do not make a right.

Since when did gerrymandering become fair (for that matter, legal) — no matter who does it? The lawsuits are already being filed. Taxpayer money is again being spent. When will politicians learn?

Voters need to know all votes count equally no matter where they live. It’s time for laws to be enacted so that redistricting must be done by a nonpartisan commission. No more “stacking the deck.”

Miriam Hamill


About Facebook ...

Regarding the letter “Facebook broke us” (Nov. 18):

Obviously, the letter’s writer has not had favorable results with Facebook.

As a disabled senior, I have many very nice Christian friends across the country. I scroll past the negative.

There are lovely pictures of flowers all over Facebook. There are pictures of sweet animals as well.

There are many very positive posts. I’m sorry for the writer’s less-than-positive experiences.

Elizabeth A. Jones


They remembered

In response to “Dressing up downtown” (front-page photo essay by Kenneth Ferriera, Nov. 17):

Thank you, to the city of Greensboro and to the News & Record that Center City Park will have a Christmas tree this year and not a Holiday Tree!

They remembered the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

Kathleen Flanigan



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