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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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The climate crisis

Following the recent natural disasters, I’m reminded that I am basically a single-issue voter, and that issue is climate change.

As I anticipated in 2016, President Trump has worked very hard to undo some of the good things accomplished in this area by the previous administration. I know others have different top priorities, and I’d like to suggest a few things:

If your top concern is the economy, please consider, in the wake of Laura and the California wildfires, how unaddressed climate change will increase such events, adding to the expenses, not to mention the disappearance of coastal communities.

If it’s eliminating abortion, consider the kind of world you want babies to inherit.

If it’s immigration, consider the likelihood that as tropical areas become totally uninhabitable, zillions of immigrants will pour through our southern borders.

If you love your grandchildren present or future, and want them to have a planet they can enjoy as you have, please don’t vote for any politician who won’t address this major problem.

Richard G. Cox



If a Biden presidency portends chaos, what will our current president do after reelection that he is too ignorant and incompetent to do now to restore the order he’s dissipated? Deploy a state National Guard he doesn’t command?

How did crime rates rise before the pandemic and social protests? How does he not bear responsibility for today’s racial, economic and health disasters that he made worse with lies, hate-filled words, inaction and the wrong actions?

How has his replacing competent adults-in-the-room with sycophantic dross worked out? How do those public servants he hires and fires, and his ghost writers, lawyers, mistresses and relatives, suddenly become liars and frauds when they reveal his flaws?

Where are America’s great new health care and infrastructure plans?

What’s replaced the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s restraints on Chinese expansionism or limited Russia’s murderous, aggressive policies? How has respect for America sunk so low that we have only one supporting vote in the U.N. Security Council or our public respect in long-friendly countries declined to all-time lows?

How have our worsening air and water quality, increasing industrial accident rates and deteriorating climate conditions demonstrated the utility of deregulation?

Biden? Socialists? Poppycock’s the Trump game.

Christopher C. Tew


Unworthy of the honor

White supremacist. Anti-Semite.

Our lawmakers in Raleigh have decided to remove a statue of Gov. Charles Aycock from our nation's Capitol because he was a white supremacist, even though he did a lot for North Carolina.

Then they decided to replace the statue with one of an anti-Semite, the Rev. Billy Graham. Graham was known as a Christian evangelist. But his anti-Semitism was heard by millions when audio tapes of conversations between him and President Nixon were released to the public.

There are at least two problems with glorifying Billy Graham. First, he was purely a religious figure. That's mixing religion with government, since the statue is to be placed in a government building.

Second, an anti-Semite should not be honored by having a statue in our nation's Capitol.

Our lawmakers missed the boat. They could have honored a woman — women comprise 51% of the population — or someone in a minority.

There are lots of individuals without burdens connected to them. Let's hope that our lawmakers wise up and reverse the decision to honor someone truly honorable.

Stan Meyer



Perhaps Erich Segal’s refrain of “love is never having to say you’re sorry” best describes the blind devotion and unapologetic support displayed by Trump’s minions at the Republican convention. The trappings of the RNC love fest resembled a cult gathering awaiting the appearance of their “golden calf” leader, while representatives of the faithful ginned up the crowd with their silver-tongued rationale for sacrificing our life and liberty in pursuit of MAGA happiness.

Indeed, to never say you’re sorry is be to unapologetic. To be unapologetic is be unrepentant. To be unrepentant is to lack remorse.

And the absence of remorse has empowered the current administration to undermine our democratic institutions, our way of life and our standing in the world.

This election is an opportunity for all of us to use our vote as an apology — an apology that will serve as an act of penance for rededicating this nation to its founding principles.

Since love is never having to say you’re sorry, use your ballot not as an act of party loyalty but as an act of love that will help restore the soul of this country. Vote.

Howard Becker



Missing mail?

The mail comes in, and the mail goes out. It’s simple math — at whatever rate it comes in, it has to go out. Otherwise you’re going to have once heck of a lot mail that needs to be stored somewhere while it’s supposedly being delayed.

As the U.S. Congressional House refuses to believe Postmaster General DeJoy, I would suggest that they launch a mission to find the tens of billions of letters and parcels that are supposedly being delayed. If they could find this secretive delayed mail storage facility, they could prove that their “anonymous sources” and “rumors” are actually true rather than just a false political narrative.

I would immediately suggest that someone check the White House basement as the possible storage facility, although I suspect it might be far too small for the roughly 182 million pieces of mail that come in each day. So, failing that, perhaps Area 51 at Roswell, N.M., is the location where these mounting tens of billions of letters and parcels have been taken, stored and delayed.

Surely there are people in Congress that could initiate a search for the storage location. Given the volume of mail involved and the size of the storage location required to house it, how hard could it be to find?

Tom Kirkman

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