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Monday's letters

Monday's letters

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Unworthy of the honor

White supremacist. Anti-Semite.

Our lawmakers in Raleigh have decided to remove a statue of Gov. Charles Aycock from our nation's Capitol because he was a white supremacist, even though he did a lot for North Carolina.

Then they decided to replace the statue with one of an anti-Semite, the Rev. Billy Graham. Graham was known as a Christian evangelist. But his anti-Semitism was heard by millions when audio tapes of conversations between him and President Nixon were released to the public.

There are at least two problems with glorifying Billy Graham. First, he was purely a religious figure. That's mixing religion with government, since the statue is to be placed in a government building.

Second, an anti-Semite should not be honored by having a statue in our nation's Capitol.

Our lawmakers missed the boat. They could have honored a woman — women comprise 51% of the population — or someone in a minority.

There are lots of individuals without burdens connected to them. Let's hope that our lawmakers wise up and reverse the decision to honor someone truly honorable.

Stan Meyer



Perhaps Erich Segal’s refrain of “love is never having to say you’re sorry” best describes the blind devotion and unapologetic support displayed by Trump’s minions at the Republican convention. The trappings of the RNC love fest resembled a cult gathering awaiting the appearance of their “golden calf” leader, while representatives of the faithful ginned up the crowd with their silver-tongued rationale for sacrificing our life and liberty in pursuit of MAGA happiness.

Indeed, to never say you’re sorry is be to unapologetic. To be unapologetic is be unrepentant. To be unrepentant is to lack remorse.

And the absence of remorse has empowered the current administration to undermine our democratic institutions, our way of life and our standing in the world.

This election is an opportunity for all of us to use our vote as an apology — an apology that will serve as an act of penance for rededicating this nation to its founding principles.

Since love is never having to say you’re sorry, use your ballot not as an act of party loyalty but as an act of love that will help restore the soul of this country. Vote.

Howard Becker


Voices denied

The Greensboro City Council has eliminated the public comment period for meetings. But there is another way for your voice to be heard.

As a public entity, governments are required to maintain all emails and communications they receive. So write city officials a respectful email that expresses your thoughts or concerns. Be sure that you copy all members of the council, the city attorney and city department heads who are responsible to address your issue. You can find their names, titles and email addresses on the government website. Be sure to ask for a response.

This also works when dealing with Guilford County, High Point, Jamestown and any other government. Be sure to send a copy to the High Point Enterprise, the News & Record, the Rhino Times and any other news outlet you know about. You can even copy local TV and radio stations.

Doing so will bring your comments to the attention of every elected official and the media and nobody will be able to claim they did not hear your comments.

Don’t forget to ask politicians when they are on the campaign trail. It is past time for your voice to be heard.

Ken Orms


Too liberal

A letter complained about this paper not printing a story about Rand Paul and his wife being harassed and threatened by a mob and the News & Record noted that the story was on the newspaper's website.

I do not subscribe to this newspaper to have to go on to the website to read the news. I want a paper in hand to read the news.

But as usual we can mostly only read about the liberal side of the news in this paper. I'll have to think long and hard before I renew my subscription next time.

Oh, and by the way, in my neighborhood we have had problems with the mail service long before Louis DeJoy took over as postmaster general.

Donna Steed


Winds of change

These are trying and dangerous times in which we live. Our ship of state is being buffeted by gales of hate and discord that renders us rudderless as we drift without purpose or any plan to right the ship.

But the winds of change are blowing, bringing hope and steadiness to the turmoil we Americans have endured over the past three-and-one-half years. The faces of change are found in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two proven leaders who embody the very core values needed to correct our course: compassion, competence, trust, honesty, integrity, focus, purpose, character, patriotism and a deep and abiding belief in the worth and dignity of all those who call the United States home.

The light they bring will shine and overcome the darkness.

Bob Kollar


Let women lead

In a world where a woman’s success is measured solely by the impact she has on the men in her life and her character is judged solely on her ability to be a good mother, it would make sense to leave all the politics to the men, right?

According to the Congressional Research Service, in 2020 more than three-fourths of Congress is made up of men and they have been doing an extraordinary job … right?

Wrong, having women heavily involved in any and all levels of government and politics is a keystone to a thriving society and a mandatory component of political transformation. The U.S. has not only a motive to empower young women to be in positions of political leadership in America, but also on a global scale. By promoting the political empowerment of adolescent girls across the world, the U.S. will simultaneously be promoting democracy and encouraging a greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and more sustainable peace.

This is exactly what The Girls LEAD Act will do if passed into law by Congress. On behalf of women worldwide, urge Sen. Thom Tillis and Sen. Richard Burr to support S.2766.

Hannah Gilmore


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