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Monday's letters

Monday's letters

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A shining example

Greensboro’s LeBauer Park might soon boast a brand-new monument, complete with a historical curriculum, teaching the horrors of the Holocaust through sculpture. Groups working to establish this artistic and educational installation have consulted with the International Civil Rights Center and Museum regarding framework for creative best practices. In fact, Jews and African Americans share a rich historical partnership fighting for issues of social justice.

That the “She Wouldn’t Take Her Boots Off” project — highlighting five Jewish women (one child), who were stripped bare before being executed by Nazis — might find installment within our small corner of the world, swells me with hopeful pride. As recently reported, percentages of young people’s knowledge about the Holocaust are alarmingly low.

Considering the rise of misinformation, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, Holocaust deniers and racial violence nationwide, erecting this beautiful, thoughtful testament here in Greensboro would encourage discourse and cultural understanding regarding the evils only 75 years ago when extremism, ignorance and hatred ended lives of millions of our fellow human beings. Art contains power, compelling us to reflect — and learn from — any range of social justice issues.

Greensboro’s embrace of this installation would allow our cherished city and state to shine as an example worldwide.

Jonah Meyer


Unity ... indeed

Just say “it ain’t so, Joe” Biden, using the vernacular referring to Shoeless Joe Jackson of baseball's 1919 Black Sox scandal.

After his “unity” speech on Jan.  12, Inauguration Day, Biden introduces a stimulus package that includes $1,400 checks for COVID relief. Not bad, Joe. But then he sneaks in a rider to the package of a $15 per hour minimum wage increase.

Guess what, Joe: Yes the Democrats have control of the House and Senate and can probably pass this bill, but don’t talk about "unity," "crossing the aisle," etc., Joe, and then pull a stunt like this. A “living wage” sounds like an “equitable” thing to do but how can the fast-food and convenience-store industries survive paying $15 per hour?

This topic requires much discussion between both parties of Congress. As for now, however, this is a “bush league” maneuver, Joe, and you know it. If it passes you can forget about “uniting” the two parties anytime in the near future.

Rich Rainey


License to steal?

Suppose a temporary bank employee devised a successful scheme to bilk millions from wealthy people. Should neither that person nor the bank face repercussions because that employee no longer works for the bank?

Travis Mangum



We are living is sad times, not only because of the pandemic but also because of what has happened to a country that abandoned its moral values and respect for the rule of law. Our legislative bodies have abandoned their responsibility to govern, ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in favor of ideology and self-interest. We the people expect and deserve better.

For five or more years the focus has been on either trying to prevent Trump from being elected and once elected, to remove him from office. Now, for the second time an impeachment proceeding was held even after he was no longer president. We have to be the laughingstock of the world.

Those who would endeavor to do our country harm only have to rely on our own internal strife and discord to make us vulnerable. History 101: “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Albert LaMachio


Reject The Bully

The last time I contacted my senators was in the days of the Clarence Thomas hearings. This is more important.

Reject The Bully. Those dog-whistle commands, heard only by other thugs and bullies, were missed by most of us. We couldn’t even imagine something like the Jan. 6 insurrection happening in the U.S.

If you persist in your support, you will doom our country to other, more frequent and violent versions of Jan. 6. It’s so simple, unless you’re afraid of The Bully, too?

Is that what your legacy will be?

Judith Moore


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