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Monday's letters

Monday's letters

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The council's apology

Regarding the adoption of an apology for the Greensboro Massacre:

Mayor and City Council members:

On behalf of myself and my partner, Nancy Cavanaugh, I offer our profound thanks to you following your Tuesday votes to enact a long-overdue formal apology to the victims of the Greensboro Massacre at Morningside Homes, also referred to as the Klan/Nazi shootings.

For those on council who remain unconvinced about the significance, the necessity of this apology — much less the event itself — I say that your opinions, your votes, speak volumes. I sincerely hope that you grow to recognize that, rather than this apology being an indictment of one group (the Greensboro Police Department), it is a recognition of the failure to protect all people that this apology addresses.

Congratulations to the majority of the City Council for speaking truth to power! We have more work ahead of us all as a city. Your votes provide some real assurance that we may speak and we may be heard. Our experiences, our needs matter.

May this apology begin to heal us now from the old accusations, the rumors and the hate-mongering “factories."

May we rest in relief, breathe and then press on, confident with the shared intent of healing our city together.

Julia Blizin


The clear winner

I watched the vice-presidential debate Tuesday night. Vice President Pence was the clear winner. Sen. Harris was dishonest and kept spouting debunked lies such as the one where President Trump is alleged (by four anonymous sources ) to have disparaged some military members as " losers" and "suckers."

A real turnoff was Harris's smirking and laughing while Pence was speaking. She also distorted President Trump's remarks about Charlottesville, e.g., "There were good people on both sides."

Harris knows that she is being untruthful. Trump has on at least 20 occasions denounced the KKK, white supremacists and David Duke.

Even CNN's Jake Tapper admitted: "Elsewhere in those remarks the president did condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists. So he's not saying that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists 'are very fine people.' "

Pence was cool and rock-solid. Harris was shaky and rude.

She is the most liberal person in the U.S. Senate. On Nov. 3, the American people should reject her and the sleepy, creepy former Vice President Joe Biden.

Make America Great Again and reelect Donald J. Trump.

Fred Gregory


The Trump Party

First of all, I'm a registered Democrat and find that the ideologies supported by the Democratic Party more closely align with my ideals and ideas for a free, equal and just society. That said, until now, I have never in my 68 years been overly concerned about the future of our nation, whether it was being led by a Republican or a Democratic president. What we have now as the leader of our nation is neither fish nor fowl.

To add to an endless barrage of rants, raves, admonishments, insults, etc., after the vice-presidential debate (Pence-Harris), Donald Trump called Sen. Harris "a monster." Merriam-Webster definitions: "monster: one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character"; "crazy: not mentally sound, marked by thought or action that lacks reason."

Who is the monster, or is crazy?

I wish the Republican Party had a Republican candidate on the ballot. What they have is a ticket of the “Trump Party."

Please get out and vote, and as you have heard before, vote as if your life depended upon it (or at least the lives of those who follow us).

Robert Handlon


Security threat

The United States is facing a national security crisis right now because of President Trump's failure on the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump's failure to set a behavioral example for the federal government, and his recklessness in holding meetings that violated CDC protocols, has led to the federal government in Washington, D.C., becoming a hot spot for the virus.

The White House is partially incapacitated and unable to properly function because of the number of staff stricken with coronavirus, and others quarantining away from the building.

The Pentagon is not fully functional because the Joint Chiefs of Staff are quarantined (including our leaders of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard).

Are any foreign adversaries trying to take advantage?

Three Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have come down with the virus and may not be able to participate in the Supreme Court Barrett nomination hearings. If one more Republican member is incapacitated, those hearings probably will be delayed.

All of this could've been avoided by a rational response to the pandemic by the president. But most importantly, if only he acted like a leader should act, we'd have a lot fewer deaths and a better economy.

Gary Parker


Cunningham's affair

Regarding the writer of the letter about U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham ("Imperfect choices," Oct. 9): 

In case she missed it, President Trump wasn't in office during his so-called unwanted acts toward women. She is correct that there are no perfect candidates, but what was her stance on the Tara Reade accusations against Joe Biden, who, as the writer knows, was in office at the time?

Sounds as if she will give him and Cunningham a pass. How does she stand on Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski?

As for me and millions of other Americans, the best choice against former failed policies and to ensure that America stays great is President Trump and Thom Tillis.

Jay Brabham


Vote for Quick

Like so many others, I have watched with dismay the will of the people of North Carolina subverted because of the gerrymandering inflicted upon us by the Republican-controlled General Assembly. We have been living with voting maps that don’t offer us fair representation and deliberately ignore minority voters.

The gerrymandering is abundantly clear when you look at our numbers in Congress. In 2018, Republications won 51% of the votes in North Carolina, yet, because of gerrymandering, they won 10 of 13 seats. Legislative districts continue to be out of balance, with too many seats being non-competitive. Even the new court-ordered maps do not adequately fix this injustice.

As other states have done, we need to remove politics from this process by creating an independent, nonpartisan commission to draw our maps. New maps will be drawn based on the 2022 Census before the 2022 election, so it is critical we send people who will fight for fairness. Nicole Quick will work to end gerrymandering and ensure that all North Carolinians are fairly represented.

Join me in voting to send Nicole Quick to Raleigh.

Virginia Hultquist


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