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Monday's letters

Monday's letters

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GOP and unity

Many Republicans and pundits for the right wing have been contending that impeachment of Trump would be divisive and that Democrats should therefore shelve the impeachment proceedings or vote to acquit.

I say that if those Republicans and other members of the right wing want to heal the divisiveness in this country, they should own up to the fact that Trump has engaged in a pattern of unlawful conduct in attempting to pressure a state official in Georgia to defraud the voters there in disregard of the vote count in their state and has engaged in espousing a massive deception concerning allegations of voter fraud in order to incite and encourage a seditious attack on our Capitol building resulting in death, injuries and destruction.

Therefore, instead of leaving the job of bringing the country together to the Democrats by their voting to acquit Trump, those who have for four years failed to speak out when Trump was perpetuating lie after lie and engaging in illegal conduct can demonstrate a newfound respect for truth, lawfulness and integrity in our leaders by voting to convict Trump when the impeachment trial concludes and thereby hopefully in doing so, bring this nation together.

William W. Jordan


'Post Truth' era

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Now, to some, objective truth no longer seems to matter.

We saw the repeated lie about Iraq's WMDs and its often confused association with 9/11 drag us into a disastrous Middle East war.

We experienced the lie that Mr. Obama is not an American, among Trump's 20,000-plus documented false statements and lies.

We are now embroiled in a lie that the election was stolen. A recent poll shows that nearly 70% of Republicans still believe that, calling all contradictions "fake news."

One cause could be that Fox News and other questionable sources present that lie and others as credible.

How to address this problem of a pandemic of falsehoods in our "Post Truth" era? One idea is to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine (removed by Ronald Reagan) requiring news media to tell the truth regarding public, checkable and verifiable facts. Like newspapers, such as this one, news items would have to be based on fact, and opinions separately presented as such.

That could be a vaccination against "Post Truth."

James R. Jackson


Got our shots!

After trying so many times to get appointments for my husband, age 90, and for me, age 89, for the COVID-19 vaccine with no luck our granddaughter Rena was able to get us appointments.

Tuesday we got our first shots and we just wanted to say thank you to the ones working and helping us. Everyone was so nice and we appreciate all that they did.

A special thanks to the nurse who gave us our shots for Guilford County Health Department.

Don and Lois Rankin


N&R is biased

The N&R totally overplayed the demonstration at the Capitol on Jan. 6 in the next day’s edition. Why did your coverage never mention the thousands of protesters who were peaceful? Why did you only focus on the 1,000 who committed violence?

Thinking that the Associated Press and the N&R would play fair in the Jan. 21 N&R, I naively expected to see pictures and an article on the front page — of the violence and damage by BLM and Antifa thugs in Portland and Seattle on Inauguration Day. I was shocked that there was no such coverage on either the front page, or on page B1. So then I looked on the inside pages of Section A or B, but nothing!

Please explain why equal space and exposure were not given to the violent insurrection by the BLM and Antifa extremists.

Another example of the bias shown in your news reporting is where the N&R placed the story on page A10 entitled "Justice Dept. won't charge Sen. Burr over stock sales.”

When the story broke, you overplayed this story by running it on page A1. But the story of Burr's being cleared by the DOJ is buried on page A10. Why wasn’t the story on Burr being cleared given equal play on page A1?

Wayne Ford


LGBTQ protections

Regarding the story, “As tempers flared and were frayed, Greensboro council reinstates LGBTQ protections” (Jan. 20):

The founding principle of “all men are created equal” originally meant white men, with male people of color discounted to three-fifths of a person and women not included at all. Fast forward to today, our interpretation has evolved, expanding to eliminate most discrimination but not all.

Mayor Vaughan's inclusive view, supported by the council, of “protecting the rights of all people” to make “the city a welcoming place” well positions Greensboro as a modern city, a competitive location option for students selecting which college to attend as well as for businesses and organizations looking to expand or relocate to North Carolina. Congratulations to all.

Bruce Bower


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