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Sunday's letters, September 18, 2022

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Freedom to profit

I read an opinion piece on Sept. 12 by the reliably libertarian John Hood (“The virtues of freedom are timeless”). I continue to read Mr. Hood because he at times seems to make some sense and and appears to be an honorable adherent to his cause.

This particularly piece went through all of the standard indictments of excessive government control, alleging it somehow usurps our freedoms. And of course we all know the only criterion for success is complete freedom. This comes directly from “Atlas Shrugged,” the two-bit “philosophy” of Ayn Rand. Mr. Hood cites the “well-known failed principality of Lagash” which perished 4,000 years ago as his example for just how well complete freedom works.

I worked for a Fortune 500 company and sat in countless meetings about allocating resources as we pursued new business. Never once did we talk about needing more freedom or less regulation or lower taxes to make something work.

And never once was the name of Urukagina, the “enlightened” ruler of Lagash, used as an example to follow.

David B. Wilcox



Our comics have always been male cartoonists only (except for the recent “Breaking Cat News”) but now we also have comics with only white lead characters.

Great. Welcome back to the 1950s.

Lyn McCoy


A reminder ...

How important do you hold the health and welfare of children? Surely none of us could knowingly stand by and tolerate a single child hurting and doing without.

Last year child poverty was reduced by half in our country due to the efforts of the Biden administration and the Democrats in Congress who expanded the federal government’s child tax credits and stimulus payments.

Lest we forget as election time nears ....

Bob Kollar


You’re not alone

As part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Triad Out of the Darkness Walks, I will be walking Oct. 15 at Triad Park to draw attention to the importance of suicide prevention.

I won’t be walking alone. I will be joined by many who share my dedication. Last year, more than 550 Out of the Darkness Walks took place in communities and on campuses across the United States, attended by a quarter of a million dedicated people who share my passion. Our movement is growing.

Like many, I walk because suicide has affected me personally this year with the loss of a lifelong friend, 1st Sgt. Keith Liebert. Keith and I had been friends since we were 13 and sadly the world lost a hero in March of this year. Keith was the fourth person I have lost in my life to suicide.

Since losing my father in 2006 and my friend of 40-plus years, Kenny, in 2015, I have dedicated my time to educating others about suicide prevention and mental health. Our goal is to spread awareness of what is currently the 10th-leading cause of death in the U.S., and to let others know they are not alone.

Darren Shell


Did you ask?

You just ruined my mornings.

I take the paper because I like to read the news instead of looking at a computer to get news about what’s happening across Greensboro, the Triad and North Carolina. But I also want to see the sports scores and the comics and do Jumble and Boggle. I read the sports section first.

The News & Record is my breakfast companion; it fits beside my bowl of cereal. Try juggling a laptop and a bowl of cereal while trying to move screen to screen “to read the paper.” But, when I turned the page to the comics this morning, I was dumbfounded. Where were the rest of the comics? Boggle? And who the heck is Amy?

The explanation was on the front page. There used to be 22 total comics and now there are just 10, most of which weren’t in the paper until today; who decided that? How many do the crossword puzzle? Read their horoscope? Did you ask your readers their opinion before you annihilated the fun part?

I know newspapers are trying to survive, but if you eliminate a lot of what folks like to read you aren’t helping your cause. Me, I’ve got to think about it.

Bonnie Brown McNeill


I’m upset

I am very disappointed in the new format with fewer comics and only one crossword.

I realize it’s all online, but some of us like for it to be in the newspaper — it must be an age thing and I am old-fashioned — loving to do things as my parents did.

I’ve been a customer for several years and really love the paper, but now I am upset with the change. I ask you to reverse your change to the paper.

I love my comics and two crossword puzzles. Some seniors don’t want to use a computer!

Norm Winn


I want my comics

So, after calling and emailing the managing editor I’ve decided to extend my complaint for other readers affected by the recent changes to the newspaper.

Who decided to change one of the best things about my daily paper?

Why were the comics cut to half a page when they are one of the most entertaining features among the gloom and doom often reported?

We have two pages of classifieds and often two pages of Rooms to Go advertising. Why cut my comics?

This change is very upsetting to me — so much so that I will not renew my subscription. My carrier will miss my tips as much as I miss my daily laughs.

Please return my full-page comics. It may seem trivial to you but it’s important to me.

Kim Hoag


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