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Sunday's letters

Sunday's letters

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Second chances…

Except in Republican circles, there is great disappointment in the revelation that Cal Cunningham has opened a crack in the trust of his constituency and, most of all, his family and friends. He was thought to have an excellent chance of becoming one of North Carolina’s two U.S. senators. His bad judgment has certainly put that in jeopardy. It may have also put Democratic control of the Senate out of reach.

Is it incumbent upon us, as voters, to consider that Cunningham may have learned his lesson? After all, he is running against Thom Tillis who is a staunch supporter of President Trump who, as we all know, is no paragon of fidelity, truth and order. Tillis and Republicans have launched ads playing up Cunningham’s lapse in judgment but there is not a peep about Trump’s many documented escapades. (We should all be aware of his record for the last four years.) Hypocrisy at its best!

Please consider voting for Cal Cunningham in spite of his recent transgression. While that kind of behavior cannot be condoned or admired, voters should consider Tillis’s record and his total support of an “off-the-rails” administration. The question for voters is: “Does Cal Cunningham deserve another chance?”

Miriam Hamill


GOP hypocrisy

It’s unfortunate there isn’t an instrument to measure or a scale to denote different degrees of hypocrisy. I think we are going to need it for those who are going to say Cal Cunningham isn’t qualified for federal office.

These types of behavior were acceptable in the 2016 presidential race but not acceptable in 2020? If they were unacceptable we wouldn’t be having the impeached president of the United States (IMPOTUS) running for reelection.

Doug Macklin

Oak Ridge

White privilege

As a currently retired but formerly "hard-working white man," I have this to say about Robin Adams Cheeley's set-you-straight piece in Sunday's paper (Ideas, Oct. 4):

SPOT ON. You did a terrific job in highlighting just a few of the structural outrages that have advantaged us whites while oppressing people of color throughout the entire history of these United States. However, what many whites fail to realize is that you barely touched the iceberg's tip.

For those who want truly to test your premise and risk replacing their self-assured and comforting entrenchment with some eye-opening historical data, read Ira Katznelson's book "When Affirmative Action was White." It lays out in thoroughly documented and pointed detail how critical parts of our white supremacist culture intentionally got baked into our nation's cake. Warning: It may just change your tune.

Here's what else I have to say to Ms. Cheeley: Well done thou good and faithful servant.

E. Jackson Harrington Jr.


Trump's finances

I believe it is important to make logical decisions based on facts. What we know is much more important than what we believe, imagine or fantasize about.

We now know that Donald Trump is a massive failure in just about every business venture of his for the past 20 years or more, including six property bankruptcies and other massive business losses so great to reduce his taxable income to near zero for 20 years or more.

We know that he was a great success as a “reality” TV star playing the part of a successful businessman (which we now know was not actually a reality), earning hundreds of millions of dollars but still not enough to overcome his massive business losses.

We know that he is such an inept financial and business person that he had to personally guarantee more than $300 million of loans due in the next three to four years. While we don’t know who those massive loans are due to, his son-in-law Jared Kushner insinuates the money came from outside the U.S.

Massive business failure. Phony reality TV star. Possibly financially beholden big time to foreign interests.

Your vote will count.

Robert Miner



I recently received a response from Rep. Mark Walker to a letter asking that he vote to increase funding for SNAP. His response said, in part, "(W)e must ensure SNAP is being used for temporary assistance — not as a permanent solution."

I find it so very — what's the word? — Republican to say that SNAP should not be used as a permanent solution to the problem of hunger and food insecurity in our country.

What "permanent solution" would Walker suggest? Increase the minimum wage so that people can actually afford to feed and house themselves and their families? No, he voted against that.

So what is Rep. Walker's "permanent solution" to mothers in his district crying themselves to sleep because their children's bellies are empty?

Given his voting record, it appears to be to get rid of the poor ... or at least to minimize their numbers. Deport the ones we can. Jail the ones we can't. Deny the rest adequate health care and force them back to work during a pandemic — without adequate PPE — while jamming their children into underfunded schools, tripling the odds of their families being exposed to COVID.

What un-Christian hypocrisy.

Christina Peterson


Great service

When I got an exceptionally high water bill for August, I called to ask the city of Greensboro to recheck their readings. The woman who answered said that they had already come out to recheck the meter and the reading was accurate. I mentioned that my grandson had repaired a running toilet and she told me to write a letter asking for an adjustment and I did so.

The next week (only one week later) I got a phone call (not a form letter) and was informed that they had rechecked my meter, saw that my water usage was back to my normal level, and were going to credit me about ½ my high water bill. I was amazed at the prompt, courteous and personal response to my issue. This is real customer service. I’m sorry that I did not note the names of the staff.

Elizabeth Haile


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