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Sunday's letters

Sunday's letters

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Not so smart

I went to the Guilford County Courthouse in Greensboro last week and was surprised that they have restricted the possession of any device that can record sound or video in the building, not just in the courtrooms but in all other public spaces as well.

This means every device, including smart watches and cellphones.

Many people today keep vital information on their cellphones, so this raises concerns.

First, you are either forced to put your things in a lock box placed just outside the building and pay to do it, 25 cents.

But if you don’t have any cash with you — and I hardly ever carry cash these days — you will need to leave these things with someone whom you trust or put them back in your car.

So every thief now knows there is the possibility of an expensive phone unattended in your car.

But the most important issue for me is that most people now have personal documents on their smartphones.

My phone has a Medical Emergency icon so that, should I fall ill, a first responder can press it to see what action to take — what medications I am on and any allergies I may have — to possibly save my life.

Gerald Wong


Biden gets it

The COVID pandemic traumatized our country and our world. Suddenly people were losing their lives or their livelihoods because of a lethal new virus. This crisis shocked us into realizing that there are problems individuals cannot solve alone. We need government leadership and resources to provide for our health and welfare.

President Biden obviously took this lesson to heart. He hit the ground running, passing the COVID relief bill to get people vaccinated and back to work. As he announces other initiatives, we recognize that he has a coherent and powerful plan to address the threats we have ignored for too long: income inequality and poverty, systemic racism, physical and social infrastructure at the breaking point, voting rights under attack, and most frightening of all, imminent climate change.

President Biden believes we should Build Back Better to benefit the lower and middle classes rather than hoping that tax cuts for the wealthy will trickle down. If you agree that we must solve these pervasive problems now for the sake of our children’s future, let Sens. Burr (202-224-3154) and Tillis (202-224-6342) know you want them to support rather than thwart President Biden’s plans because they will benefit all of us.

Denise Baker


Not ‘complicated’

Regarding Leonard Pitts’ April 26 column (“Ma’Khia Bryant case is a complicated story”):

Leonard, the importance and value of the “credibility” to which you refer is not reserved exclusively for law enforcement officers. It also applies to nationally syndicated columnists such as yourself.

When you attempt to “complicate” an unfortunate confrontation between a summoned law enforcement officer and an out-of-control, knife-wielding Black female attacking other Black females, for which there are not only Black eyewitnesses but an indisputable video justifying the officer’s response, your “credibility” comes into question.

A suggestion, if I may: Leonard, keep your powder dry, so you can use it later, when the situation might actually justify its use. Which, according to your terribly biased interpretations of facts, is virtually every single time a Black person has any exchange with a law enforcement officer. The law enforcement officers our more civil society charges with maintaining order.

Habitually “crying wolf” greatly damages — “complicates” — any legitimate complaint you might have. At least to any reasonable person.

Clyde Hunt Jr.


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