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Sunday's letters

Sunday's letters

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On whose watch?

It’s interesting to hear Trump supporters warn of the violence and discord that will come if Joe Biden is elected in November.

Have they looked outside? Seen the news? Watched their own political ads?

Disorder and conflict, often accompanied by deadly violence, are happening now.

Under Trump. Not Biden. Joe Biden hasn’t fomented the discord that is on our streets. His rhetoric hasn’t called racist, gun-wielding bigots out of their homes to confront peaceful protesters and fellow citizens.

No, Donald Trump has done that, and he continues to do it. Present tense, not future.

All these GOP worst-case scenarios are being realized now, and the blame lies solely on Trump.

Stacy Martineau


Law? Order?

"Law and order" without justice, compassion and mercy is tyranny.

Law and order is not such an enviable state of things that it should be elevated as a goal without limits. Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and many other despotic nations have strong law-and-order programs that none of us in America would want to live under.

It is quite ironic that Donald Trump is touting himself as the "law and order candidate" when he is among the presidents with the highest number of criminally indicted associates.

Neither he, nor any other Republican, has raised the issue of justice, mercy or compassion in their comments on policing or the legal system. It appears for Republicans that Americans can keep their guns but will need to give up their First Amendment rights.

From attacking the press, to trying to limit peaceful protests and using tax dollars to support religious institutions, this administration has put the First Amendment under siege.

Law and order is not achieved at the end of gun or with federal force. It is achieved by giving due recognition of each person’s inherent worth and with respect of our differences.

Jade Osborne



The columns by Ed Hardin and Marcus Hayes in the Thursday sports section (Aug. 27) should be reprinted on the front page of the News & Record. Each man writes powerfully about the recent horror in Wisconsin, and illuminates the defining protest the NBA players took on Wednesday night.

When you shoot a man seven times in the back it isn't self defense — it's an angry, cold-blooded, murderous act.

Janet Mackenzie 


Red wave's coming

A positive Republican letter would be so welcome! I read these liberal-leaning letters from people and I wonder if they actually know the facts.

This election could possibly be the most important of our lifetime and is not one to be taken lightly.

Donald Trump has rebuilt a strong economy. Promises Made. Promises Kept.

He has rebuilt the American military, supported military families and honored our veterans.

Donald Trump has put America first by standing up to China and negotiating treaties. Only he can revitalize our economy and end our dependence on China. President Trump will support our law enforcement. Only President Trump values our constitutional rights and stands for our American values.

Do you value law enforcement?

When you dial 911, who is coming to help? Do you enjoy your freedoms?

Then consider who you really believe is good for America. I believe in Donald Trump.

A red wave is coming soon.

Diane Parnell


Afraid of change

I think that many supporters of Trump for president are basically afraid of change.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., in his column “A choice between whiteness or democracy” (Aug. 26), in my opinion hit the nail on the head. Mr. Pitts shares that many white people are fearful that in 20 years people of color will outnumber them and they are afraid of losing the benefits they have grown accustomed to as the historically ruling class in America. And the irony is that the white folks are voting against their own interests (siding with tax cuts for the rich over their own pocketbooks; refusing better health care, etc.). Their main interest is protecting whiteness — defending their inherited race, rank or privilege.

With the pandemic, racism, civil unrest and politics facing us, I hope that everyone takes a look into the mirror and asks themselves: What is most important to me, my family, friends, community and nation as this election approaches? The path that we are on now under the current administration is one that would have our Constitution and democracy eroded and eventually destroyed.

This election should not be whiteness versus democracy, it should be a choice for equality, justice and freedom for all.

Robert Handlon


Not acceptable

In recent polls, Republicans have agreed that the number of deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic is acceptable.

Just a thought. What if 43 commercial aircraft carrying 175 passengers were falling out of the sky, every week, for the past six months?

Do the math. Forty-three planes per week, 175 passengers. That's 1,029 planeloads. And 180,000 dead Americans.

Would this scenario be considered acceptable to this same group of people?

I didn't think so, either.

Scott Campbell


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