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Not democracy

In 2016, I made time to meet my newly elected congressman at a highly publicized meet-and-greet in downtown Greensboro. Since he was from a different county, it made sense that he would seek out constituents here. That’s why it was surprising that a wall of “handlers” tasked with sheltering him encircled him to ensure he spoke only to those pre-screened with accommodating questions. That was disturbing behavior for an elected representative of the people.

How could a congressman get away with treating his constituents so rudely?

Answer: He was elected in a district where he didn’t need to respond to diverse groups of constituents. In fact, he never needed to hear a comment or question again that didn’t conform to his worldview or ever worry about continuing to earn his seat. His carefully designed district guaranteed him a safe seat.

This is not democracy. Multiple viewpoints fairly heard and fairly considered are democracy. When elected officials don’t need us, democracy dies. Corruption ensues as lobbyists swarm to “invest” in that safe congressional seat. And holding on to power becomes the only goal.

Now it’s up to the courts to protect our democracy. Think gerrymandering doesn’t matter?

Patricia Gray



I have just been disenfranchised. I no longer have a voice.

It doesn’t matter what I want for my state, what direction I want to see it grow. Doesn’t matter how I want my tax dollars spent or what social programs I support or hate. It doesn’t matter what bills or laws are introduced or passed.

Nothing matters as far as the state and I are concerned. I can turn off the TV news, stop my newspaper and not listen to the radio or podcasts because what is happening in North Carolina does not concern me because I have no voice with which to be heard. When my vote is taken from me through gerrymandering it takes my power as a citizen. Politicians don’t have to listen to their constituents. Because their seats are protected through gerrymandering they cannot be held to account for any action on their part.

The greatest power I had was my vote. Now it has been taken away but, then again, so has yours.

Gaylene Zimmer


Here he goes again

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has clarified for us that his remarks made from the pulpit of a Christian church regarding the “filth” of homosexuals and transgender people was not referring to the students themselves who may be wrestling with these issues, but the books they’re reading. OK, let’s move on.

Yet he apparently felt the need to get up there once again in another church last Sunday to carry on his message of intolerance, this time with mimicry and mocking. Can we not see the irony though of these self-righteous words thundering within the church that worships a humble servant who walked among us, breaking bread with all who came to Him, listening to all who disagreed with Him without judgment, even washing the feet of a disciple who would soon betray Him?

Well here’s to you, Mr. Robinson, Jesus still loves you more than you will know. But we have no need for a man bringing that haughty and divisive spirit into our governor’s mansion, or our churches.

Or in the words of another great song, what the world needs now is love, sweet love. And you bring none of that, sir.

William Yaner


Words matter

My daughter is not an “ism.”

In a Nov. 18 article by Scott Sexton reporting on our (appalling) lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson, he states: “Robinson also made remarks on homosexuality and transgenderism.” According to GLAAD and to my instincts, the term “transgenderism” is used by anti-transgender activists to dehumanize transgender people. My trans daughter is a human and a fine one at that.

Please consider the impact your words have before they go to print. We need to be lifting one another up. Not dehumanizing one another.

Laurie Shaw



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