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Thursday's letters, August 18, 2022

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Welcome them

When I first read that the former American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro would be used to house and educate unaccompanied immigrant minors I thought it would be a great use of the facility. I was not expecting the suspicious attitude of some who raised questions about security as if these minors were felons who should be sent to prison.

One person said it doesn’t make sense to spend money to house migrant children on a “five-star” campus. I think that these minors are very deserving of a “five-star” place to stay after a long, dangerous and lonely journey from their home countries. What makes these children unacceptable for such quality accommodations?

I agree that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services should be open about plans for the academy, letting us know how many residents are coming and when. These are children who have arrived in a strange new country who don’t know anyone and have no place to go. Currently these children are being held in immigrant detention centers that are often like prisons. They are innocent victims of violence in their home countries and, sadly, discrimination and suspicion in their new country.

Let’s show them some grace and give them a warm welcome to our community.

Sue Jezorek

High Point

A helping hand

Kudos to the parents at Northwest Guilford High School who raised funds to refurbish classroom trailers, a task that an adequately funded school system should have undertaken. We often read about affluent neighborhoods pitching in to help their schools but less so about schools in other parts of the city where poverty is greater and parents often lack the extra time, energy and resources to support schools.

What if each local PTA formed a partnership with a school that lacks as much parental involvement to share resources? Doing so, of course, would admit to the racial, social and economic imbalances that continue to afflict our public school system.

And doing so without patronizing would be tricky. We might succeed, however, in strengthening the city’s bonds of community.

Scott Culclasure


IRS mischief?

Well, the Senate squeezed through, by one vote, the $737 billion so-called Inflation Reduction Act.

President Biden on Tuesday signed this bill into law, marking a dark chapter in legislative sausage-making.

It is a reckless tax-and-spend. Raising taxes during inflation is a special kind of stupid.

Even Sen. Bernie Sanders, although voting for it, said on the Senate floor Saturday night: “According to the CBO, and other economic organizations that study this bill, it will, in fact, have a minimal impact on inflation.”

Then there are the 87,000 additional IRS agents provided for in the bill. Remember when the Obama administration weaponized the IRS and targeted conservative groups for greater scrutiny and harassment? It did this led by Lois Lerner. Do we really want another politicized government agency terrorizing citizens?

The midterm elections and 2024 can’t come soon enough.

Fred Gregory

Berryville, Va.

Decent vs. deceitful

In comparing the qualities of the current and former president there are two words that perhaps best characterize their differences: “decent” and “deceit.”

“Decent” is defined as the conformance with generally accepted standards of respectable and moral behavior. “Deceit,” by contrast, is the action or practice of misleading someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

What is curious is that you only have to replace one letter with an “i” to change “decent” into “deceit.” In retrospect, maybe the word “decent” was the “it” the former president was referring to when he proclaimed “(I) alone can fix it.” Indeed, the former president has certainly fixed it.

Howard Becker


All are welcome?

So, woke Universalist and the right Rev. Richard Groves of Wake Forest University Baptist Church welcomes everybody (“All are welcome. No exceptions,” Aug. 15)? Does he?

I wonder if this would include white nationalists, Trump supporters, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Herschel Walker and Paige Patterson (here, at the editor’s suggestion, for the sake of less bawdiness and not just brevity, I have omitted a few names and characteristics).

Interestingly, in the case of Br’er Groves’ sister church by an almost identical name, to wit, the Wake Forest Baptist Church in the town of Wake Forest, we know the answer in one case.

When the conservative Baptist Paige Patterson attempted to join that church, the congregation voted him down. Given the somewhat exclusivist remarks of Jesus in Matthew 18, I wonder if even He could make the cut.

James Lutzweiler


The writer is a Greensboro resident.

The writer was archivist of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (1999-2013).

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