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Thursday's letters
Letters to the EditorLETTERS TO THE EDITOR

Thursday's letters

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Tent city grows

I would like to piggyback the letter I saw last week (“Tent city wannabe?” Jan. 9) regarding the ever-growing tent communities in Greensboro. Has anyone been down Bridford Parkway going away from Wendover just beyond the Terry Labonte dealership? There are at least eight tents with tarps, with junk and trash accumulated in just the past two weeks. What are we going to do when there is an entire community of tents? What is Greensboro going to turn into?

We have panhandlers on almost every corner, tent communities growing faster than the CDC changes its stance on COVID, and trash scattered on just about every shoulder and at every intersection we can drive by. What is going on? What are our elected officials doing? All I know is that the 2022 and 2024 elections are coming.

If the City Council and county commissioners would do what they were elected to do and stop focusing on this ridiculous obsession with forcing people to wear a piece of cloth over their faces, they might find the time to address this very serious problem. Combine mental health resources, nonprofits and the often villainized law enforcement you have access to and clean up this blight.

Brenda Dawson


So be it

I agree with the writer of the Jan. 10 letter “No mandate needed.” The vast majority of unvaccinated people have selfishly refused a free vaccine to help themselves and others. They account for most of the people who are hospitalized/dying and overwhelming our health care system. Mandates cannot make them civically responsible. That moral obligation takes character.

It is time for us to scratch the “mandates” and let people who choose not to be vaccinated have their way. If they choose not to care about their fellow man and obviously prefer to take chances with their own health — possibly their lives — so be it. Their choice.

As the author of the letter wrote, let’s convince businesses, sporting events, entertainment venues, restaurants, schools, churches, etc., to require masks and/or proof of vaccination for entry. Perhaps hospitals should prioritize emergency care based upon vaccination status, too. They have a responsibility to protect themselves and the majority of their clientele from those who put their selfish “rights” before thinking of others’ well-being.

If you are unvaccinated (and without a medical reason), I guess your stubbornness won out. Or did it?

You, or someone dear to you, may yet pay the ultimate price.

Miriam Hamill


A perfect name

The new name for the Washington Football Team is due on Feb. 2. In the environment of overly sensitive groups constantly looking to be offended, I would like to submit a name.

It’s a combination of gridiron glories of the past and the current gobbling at the borrowed federal feed trough: the Washington Porkskins.

Jonathan Sparrow


Where’s the GOP?

It has become quite unsettling as to why the Republican leadership, right-wing pundits and the former president have not denied the accusations that they are methodically undermining the foundations of our electoral processes and the democratic pillars of our republic.

Despite the ever-mounting evidence and warnings that our democracy is approaching a tipping point, the Republican-controlled state legislatures, election boards and even local school boards are continuing their efforts to codify mechanisms that will empower themselves while disempowering the collective voices of their constituencies. Why is that?

Why is the Republican Party tacitly attracting and promoting candidates that will further stoke fear, grievance and demagoguery? Why have the Republicans betrayed their own branding and shed all pretense that they still support the principles of our democratic republic? Have they collectively acquiesced to being Republicans in name only? Why is that?

Where is the righteous indignation of the conservative columnists and readers of this newspaper who speak of protecting and preserving our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic ... unless, of course, they’re within their own ranks?

Why is only the left fighting to preserve what’s right? Why is that?

Howard Becker



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