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Thursday's letters

Thursday's letters

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Clearing the air

In response to Romaine Worster's column (Feb. 21), please note that the major loss of power in Texas was from natural gas production, not from wind power or solar power, as she would have you believe.

The grid lost roughly five times as much power from natural gas as it did from wind. Natural gas production froze, and so did the pipelines that transport the gas.

As for carbon offsets, the program is quite simple. It recognizes that we cannot get rid of some causes of pollution, such as air travel, immediately. But we can offset that pollution by buying a carbon credit and using that money to either reduce pollution elsewhere or prevent pollution in the future.

Are carbon offsets the only and best solution to pollution? No.

Should we attempt to reduce our carbon footprint in other ways, such as energy-efficient light bulbs, better insulation, electric autos, Zoom, etc.? Yes, of course!

But we are better served by columnists who portray the issues honestly, using facts and science rather than satire, innuendo and half-truths. Why not talk instead, for example, about how gas companies are right now planning to become carbon neutral? That would be a column worth reading.

James Bennett


Not our thing

The letter titled "Don't play ball" (Feb. 23) is so wrong on many counts. I don't know why County Commissioner Skip Alston wanted to give $7 million for High Point's baseball stadium, but it's not because he's a Democrat. Perhaps it's because he's a developer. He'll have to clarify his stance.

I don't know a single Democrat who is for giving money to private developers. If you've been to any of the City Council meetings, you'd know that it's the Democrats (whether it's the local Democratic Party, or others) who fight against private-sector giveaways in their many forms.

Besides, that’s the Republicans' job.

Using direct payments, favorable tax policy, etc., they always pander to corporate and wealthy interests. Look no further than the PPP rollout. Corporations and mega churches, etc., got the biggest handouts while small family farmers and small businesses got barely a pittance, if anything at all.

Every Democrat knows there is no free lunch. We just want it spent wisely on people who need it.

Bob Martin


Cleaner and greener

Regarding the recent letters about litter in Greensboro:

As the world around us changes, we notice more we could do to make a more beautiful Greensboro. Hundreds of volunteers come together throughout the year to pick up litter out of our streams, off our streets and out of our neighborhoods.

As a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Greensboro Beautiful conducts three annual litter cleanups and a community litter index. It also promotes recycling education and initiatives.

Recently, through a partnership with several nonprofits, Greensboro Beautiful has helped to bring Styrofoam recycling to Greensboro. Check out and volunteer to recycle Styrofoam at Tiny House Community Development at 1310 West Gate City Blvd.

To better beautify Greensboro, Greensboro Beautiful has partnered with Litterati.

Meanwhile, the Greensboro Beautiful Winter Wipeout 2021 is here. Download Litterati app, and then use this Challenge Code: 855441. Sign up at

Upcoming events: 

  • Ongoing through Feb. 28 — Winter Wipeout Litter Cleanup.
  • 3 p.m. March 9 — Discussion Lab: Electric Vehicles and Gardens?
  • April 17-May 2 — Great American Litter Cleanup.

For more information, please email

James Allred


The writer is chair of the Clean Community Committee of Greensboro Beautiful.

Trump's for Trump

Our democracy is in jeopardy and it won't wait for you to make up your minds. Please stop believing that Donald Trump is going to give you anything but anarchy.

His only belief is in the super wealthy, not you. Please let me make it clear: He doesn't give a damn about you; he just wants to use your grievances to support his cause. If you're rich and want the disparity (unfairness) to continue, OK, Trump is your man. As for others, don't blame anyone other than Trump for keeping you in your place.

So sorry to bring the truth, but it's time for our country to come together, not to be torn apart. Think about what you have to win and what you have to lose.

We should be about helping each other through crises and this is what challenges us to be our best.

Helping and loving our neighbors is our duty.

Trish McDermott

Browns Summit


A letter ("Planet at risk") on Feb. 22 meant to refer to Sir David Attenborough and not his late brother.

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