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Thursday's letters

Thursday's letters

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He's no Pollyanna

The Merriam-Webster definition of "Pollyanna" is a person characterized by irrepressible optimism. So, what I originally thought was that you were printing in poor taste a political cartoon aimed at being disrespectful to our much-loved lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson.

Our lieutenant governor is the ultimate in optimism with faith in the people of this nation and in North Carolina. But be aware that he is neither foolish nor blindly optimistic. He will undoubtedly stand up against the liberal left, which is attempting to indoctrinate our children of school age into believing the United States and its history are tarnished and lacking in integrity.

Integrity is an important word you should consider before you attempt to discredit this amazing man! He has no political experience, no political connections, but he does have the caring in his heart to see your children thrive, learn and be proud of this great country — a man who earned his position by meeting you, the people of North Carolina, shaking your hand and promising to do his best.

I am proud to call him friend.

Diane Parnell


The writer is chair of the Rockingham County Republican Party.

Not 'minorities'

To the editorial staff at the News & Record:

Stop referring to non-white people as minorities. The term is offensive, inappropriate and inaccurate. Nonwhite people comprise two-thirds of the world's population.

It is time the staff learned how to refer respectfully to people who are not white. Use of the term minority has become a pejorative and connotes inferiority.

Take time to consider how casually and indifferently you refer to people you write about it; it's long overdue.

Theresa Bennett-Wilkes

High Point 

Bad role model

From what little I have seen of it, including a picture in the News & Record, during Gov. Cooper's recent visit to Greensboro, he and his entourage were wearing masks. But not staying 6 feet apart.

It might be helpful for these officials to practice what they preach.

Bruce Raynor


Life's rendezvous

In high school in Dixon, Ill., where Ronald Reagan and I grew up, I was taught the poem "I Have a Rendezvous with Death" by the white World War I soldier Alan Seeger (an uncle of Pete Seeger). It was and forevermore will remain depressing. It seems that Seeger stupidly sought death more than he did his Harvard diploma.

Then one day here in Carolina I came across the poem entitled "I Have a Rendezvous with Life" by the wonderful Black poet Countee Cullen. The contrast was exhilarating, breathtaking. I reproduce it below. I have memorized it and I recite it at the drop of anything capable of being dropped. I highly recommend that practice as one small step toward peace on Earth.

I have a rendezvous with Life,

In days I hope will come,

Ere youth has sped, and strength of mind,

Ere voices sweet grow dumb.

I have a rendezvous with Life,

When Spring's first heralds hum.

Sure some would cry it's better far

To crown their days with sleep

Than face the road, the wind and rain,

To heed the calling deep.

Though wet nor blow nor space I fear,

Yet fear I deeply, too,

Lest Death should meet and claim me ere

I keep Life's rendezvous.

James Lutzweiler


Cut the Pentagon

Despite the money we have spent on our vast military, it hasn’t protected us from COVID-19 or violent insurrection.

Our bloated Pentagon budget fuels a military dominance plan that is outdated and hinders the cooperation needed to deal with climate change and the pandemic. It bleeds our communities of vital funds.

With 10% of the military budget, $74 billion, we could have money for schools, COVID-19 PPE’s, infrastructure, veterans’ care, clean energy, health care and housing. This would create many jobs and ease the economic tensions that fuel racism.

We spent trillions on wars for access to oil when we could have developed clean energy for that money and saved countless lives and our environment.

President Biden has raised hopes worldwide by pledging to put diplomacy first, end U.S. participation in the war against Yemen, extend the New START Treaty and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. He can make a powerful change without demonizing Russia and China and provoking new conflicts.

President Biden is drafting his budget now. Alamance Peace Action asks that we contact him and our representatives to urge a 10% Pentagon budget cut so we can pursue real security. Military dominance or strong communities? Which one makes America great?

Alice Wieting


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